Protect Yourself From Rogue Movers (en anglais)
Infographic courtesy of Cassidy's Transport and Storage (Ottawa, ON)

Liste de mises en garde pour les consommateurs:
Ministère des services gouvernementaux et des services aux consommateurs de l’Ontario 

ALERT Mover Brand Hijackings: Brand hijackings are on the rise. Rogue movers are putting reputable company brand names in their online listings and ads. Always verify a mover's stated affiliations before you hire them. Read CAM's press release Canadian Association of Movers Warns Public about Brand Hijackings (PDF 24Jan2017). Some warnings follow.

  • Two Men Trucks Moving Company – Toronto, ON is not TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® which is a reputable CAM member. Please see the attached PDF.
  • The images and logos of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® and other companies in the Halifax area have been hijacked by Smart Moves (aka Smart Movers & Packers) in their ads on Kijiji. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® is a reputable CAM member and has no relationship with this company.
  • A local organization in the Hamilton/Halton, ON area is representing themselves as TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® which is a reputable CAM member. Always verify the credentials of your mover before hiring them. NEW

Le site Web de ces compagnies affiche le logo de l'ACD indiquant une relation d'affaires avec l'Association Canadienne des Déménageurs ou encore en suggérant qu’ils sont membres de l'ACD. Les compagnies NE SONT PAS un membre de l'ACD et nous vous recommandons de vérifier soigneusement toutes leurs affirmations.


Special to The Globe and Mail - Moving Industry: wild west of the business world (May 9, 2018).

Investigators from the Toronto Police Financial Crimes Unit have located a series of storage lockers containing personal goods believed to have been withheld illegally. These goods were discovered as a result of the Project Haul investigation of GREEN MOVING and STORAGE, also operating as CAPITAL MOVING and RYDER Moving. Check out this posting if you are one of their victims who's still missing your shipment. Project Haul Investigation - update (April 13, 2018).

The CBC Calgary issued this story about a Calgary mover charged with uttering death threats against clients in Ontario (March, 28, 2018). Make It Home Kingston issued a related story - Family pleads for public help locating belongings hidden by mover (March 28, 2018). The Better Business Bureau for Southern Alberta & East Kootenay and CAM immediately issued a joint press release urging consumers to hire trustworthy moving companies .(pdf) (March 29, 2018). The CBC Calgary published more details the next day: Family says Calgary mover refuses to return belongings after being charged with uttering death threats (March, 29, 2018). CAM followed with a press release about its involvement in helping to restore the goods the consumers.(pdf)(April 9, 2018). Global News/Canada released a follow-up story a day later: Family who moved to Kingston reunited with possessions after mover 'goes rogue' (April 10, 2018). NEW

The Canadian Association of Movers received a complaint about Torex Moving. Based on the information we received, the invoicing, prior to delivery to the consumer, was substantially higher than the verbal contract. We strongly suggest that if you are planning to use this company, or any moving company, that you first obtain a written estimate that shows the full amount you’ll have to pay and itemizes all charges from pick-up to delivery. The preparation of a written estimate is a standard under the Government of Canada’s Good Practice Guidelines for Canadian Movers. (March 28, 2018). NEW

This is a story out of Oregon. Central Oregon's KTVZ News Channel 21 Bend man loses $6,000 to unlicensed Alaska movers. (February 28, 2018).

Here's another terrible story of a young woman who has trouble with her mover. Iceberg Logistics is not a CAM member. CTV/Atlantic N.S. woman left with nothing after moving company fails to show up. (February 8, 2018).

The Canadian Association of Movers received several unverified complaints about Access Canada Movers. The nature of the recent complaints is that Access Canada is unable to confirm planned delivery or where the customers’ belongings are. Access Canada Movers is not a CAM member. Here's a GlobalNews/Toronto story on the experiences of some of their customers (February 7, 2018).

CityNews (Toronto) Woman says moving company held her belongings hostage until she paid more. The customer used Movers & Logistics Inc. which she found on Kijiji. CAM recommends that you always check a mover's credentials with the BBB and with CAM. (January 8, 2018)

CBC News/Newfoundland & Labrador CBC Investigates/Red flags and 'rogue' movers: what to watch out for in the unregulated moving industry. Advocates warn consumers to do their research to protect themselves and their possessions. (December 14, 2017)

CTV News/Toronto Moving company owners facing charges after raid (October 24, 2017). The owners of Green Moving and Storage, Landmark Van Lines and Ryder Moving in Scarborough, ON are facing fraud charges. However there's some good news for victims in Belle River near Windsor, ON. CBC News/Windsor Belle River seniors wait 7 months for belongings, moving company at centre of fraud investigation (November 1, 2017).

Le Journal de Montréal Déménagement Diplomate compte rembourser l'extra (4 Juillet, 2017).

CTV News/Atlantic N.B. families finally reunited with belongings after moving nightmare (June 12, 2017). Two families hired Green Moving and Storage to move their stuff from Alberta. They say they were grossly overcharged and that the mover demanded payment before releasing their goods. CAM member Premiere Van Lines (Fredericton) provided their truck free of charge to move the goods. Charges are pending against Green Moving.

CBC News/Edmonton Moving company worker charged in scheme to extort Alberta families: police (May 31, 2017). The Toronto-based companies involved go by the names of Green Moving, Ryder Moving, Landmark Van Lines and Capital Moving Services. More on this story...CP24Now Movers held peoples' goods hostage: police (May 31, 2017)