Here’s some great news for CAM advertisers!

CAM has been working hard to get its name out in the mainstream, with the sole intention of providing more access for the public to contact us to find trusted, reliable movers. CAM has therefore embarked on several new initiatives to get its messages out. As part of these changes, we are making some improvements to our magazine and newsletter to ensure that we continue to provide quality publications and meet the demands of our digital universe. To that end, we are pleased to announce a renewed, long-term partnership with MediaEdge Publishing Inc. who will assist in the development and publication of a printed and digital magazine, as well as assisting us with a new and improved digital publication, and our popular biweekly newsletter. MediaEdge Publishing is no stranger to CAM. They were our magazine publisher for many years until a decision was made to publish the magazine in-house. CAM strongly believes that our magazine, and now our e-newsletter and digital platform, will continue to represent an excellent investment for your business and your brand. Should you wish, we are offering a variety of options and opportunities for you to advertise and promote your products and services to a major purchasing audience in both print and online formats. As CAM continues to grow and strengthen, being the ‘go to’ source for moving industry information, we hope you will continue to support us. The transition period will be happening over the 2018 summer months towards the launch of our new newsletter format in August 2018 and our new magazine format in September 2018. We trust that you’ll find our new direction to be a good fit for your marketing plans and that you’ll continue your support of CAM. Please contact CAM for details.

CAM Magazine Media Kit (pdf)

CAM Newsletter Media Kit (pdf)