Before Registering a Complaint

The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) may be able to assist in resolving a problem you are having with a moving company.


CAM members are not rogue movers – they are certified by CAM as reputable, professional moving services. If the mover involved is a CAM member, CAM will act upon the complaint. Following CAM's complaint resolution process, a complaint about a CAM member must be submitted to CAM in writing.

If the mover is NOT a CAM member, CAM will NOT contact the mover, but will recommend some possible options such as contacting:

Let the mover know that you will be contacting these agencies.

Before registering a complaint with CAM, please ensure that you:

  • Review your paperwork closely – your contract, bill of lading, receipt, etc.
  • File a complaint and/or claim with your mover.

After you review your paperwork and talk to the mover, you may then register a complaint regarding a recent move with the CAM. The complaint should be registered by the person whose goods were moved.

The Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) is a non-profit trade association that does not dispense legal advice. Any ideas, concepts, or theories that are discussed should be reviewed by your own legal counsel.

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