To register a complaint regarding a recent move, please COMPLETE the following form.

This form should be completed by the person whose goods were moved.

If the mover is a CAM member, CAM will:

  1. Record the complaint.
  2. Act as a facilitator and provide contact information as appropriate.
  3. Refer the matter to the mover for resolution and response.
  4. If appropriate, refer the matter to the affiliated van line for resolution and response.
  5. Advise the consumer of action taken on the consumer’s behalf and responses received.
  6. If appropriate, refer the matter to an independent body, like the BBB, for arbitration.

If the mover is not a CAM member, CAM will NOT contact the mover, but will:

  1. Record the complaint, to warn other consumers.
  2. Recommend an appropriate course of action.
  3. Provide contact information for governmental consumer agencies and the Better Business Bureau.



Date of Move
Actual – if different from scheduled

Thank you for completing this form.