CAM'S 6th Annual Conference


Toronto, November 19-20, 2001
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Changing times require a focus on what's important in a business.

Maintaining or improving market share, acquiring, retaining, and training good people, effectively communicating with your marketplace and knowing the effects of your world.

We have brought together a group of speakers who can help you to focus on the key strategies you need to maintain and improve your business.

    Van-Line Viewpoints Oven

    Michael Argier ,  Vice President, Sales & Business Development, North American Van Lines
    Doug Auld,  President, Atlas Van Lines (Canada) Ltd.
    David Fennell,  President, Allied Van Lines
    Anne Martin,  President, United Van Lines (Canada) Ltd.

    This year, the industry leaders of the world, will lead the world in the future. Each and every one of them will have a market share and profitability, and, in turn, what owners and managers should focus on in order to thrive in business.

      How Insurance Costs Can Affect Your Bottom Line

      We have added another speaker to the lineup for Monday, November 19.

      Chris Steer and  Chris Steer Insurance Brokers Ltd.

      As an insurance professional, Chris Steer has been a familiar face to Canadian movers for almost 40 years. He will address movers' concerns about the current trend in the insurance industry to increase premiums and to cut back on coverages.

      He will provide useful advice on how to minimize the impact of this trend on your own bottom line.

        Government Moving Contract

        Chantal Charron,  Furniture & Effects Policy,
        K.W. (Ken) Janes,  Chief, Central Removal Service, Public Works & Government Services Canada

        As the Canadian government changes its relocation pricing and contract policies, it changes its relationship with the moving industry. Major recent changes have included:

        • The rate increase
        • Value indexing
        • Alternative-to-scaling trial
        • Legible-inventories trial

          As the government gains experience with each of these initiatives, their effects on mover performance and customer service become apparent. Major Charron and Mr. Janes will share some of the results of these changes and where they will see the government / industry relationship going into the future.

        The Economic Outlook for 2002:
        The problems in moving to sustainable economic growth

        Peter L. Drake,  Vice President and Deputy Chief Economist, TD Bank Financial Group

        We are living through the economic fallout of the terrorist attacks on New York and Washington. The economies of Canada and the United States are hurting. How much of the current economic difficulties is directly the result of the attacks and how much was already in the cards? How long will the economic fallout last? And, when do the economies begin to recover in 2002, as they do, will we face the same economic imbalances as we did during the economic boom?

          The HR Contribution to Your Bottom Line

          David Boyle,  Partner, HR-on-Demand

          For some entrepreneurs, the costs associated with human resources are seen as a negative requirement of doing business, having an adverse impact on the bottom line. If this is your view, then this presentation will challenge the way you think.

          David Boyle will present a case study that illustrates the benefits of a positive view of HR. Comparing HR with an investment portfolio, Mr. Boyle will demonstrate that the right decision-making regarding HR can create value for a company. He’ll show you how knowing your business can help you choose the right people, and train, motivate and retain them. He’ll also discuss ways of managing the costs of benefits and compliance with legislation. You’ll learn how to achieve the goal of getting the right people who can deliver, with your help, consistent performance that will help ensure your company’s future success. 

            Be a PROFITMOVER – A Profitability Seminar

            James B. Larsen, JBL Enterprises

            Jim Larsen, well-known consultant to the moving industry, will present a seminar called BE A PROFITMOVER, which was developed to help small businesses enhance their profitability. If improving your bottom line is important to you, then you must attend this workshop.

            To have your company BE A PROFITMOVER, management must keep the following items consistently and persistently in mind. Some items Jim will discuss are:

            • Why we fail – no excuses
            • Being the best
            • Certain business factors: business mix, productivity, capacity, quality, financial analysis, management
            • Establishing standards
            • Understanding your costs
            • Counter management
            • Invoicing in 24 hours
            • Using the profit equation
            • Using a breakeven
            • Being a gatekeeper
            • Having a sales plan
            • Developing a proper financial review

              In this seminar, we will work on developing methods of measuring performance that will help you make proper decisions at the right time. "Without measuring a company’s processes and its changes to these processes, it is impossible to know where you are or where you are going" (Six Sigma). You will learn many ways to improve profits in your company – the time you spend here will be very beneficial.

            Annual General Meeting

            The Annual General Meeting will be held in the afternoon of Tuesday, November 20. The agenda is as follows:

              1. Call to order and opening remarks
              2. Adoption of agenda
              3. Chairman’s message
              4. President’s message
              5. Treasurer’s report
              6. Appointment of auditor
              7. Nominations and elections of officers and directors
              8. Review of association bylaws
              9. Review of the compensation survey
              10. Direction for 2002
              11. Other business

              Trade Show

              Exhibitors from Canada and the USA will display the latest products, services and technology in a one-day trade show running concurrently with the conference on November 19 only. The trade show will be open to 18 exhibitors this year and will be held in the dining room of the Grand York Ballroom. This will ensure that exhibitors have an opportunity to meet with movers during all breaks and at the evening’s events. Booths will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and will remain available for viewing until 9:00 p.m. The trade show is intended to provide members with exposure to the latest in moving products and services, and exhibitors with a one-day event in which they can meet a concentrated group of current and potential clients. Companies wishing to exhibit can contact the CAM office at 905.848.6579 or