2003 Conference

CAM'S The 8th Annual Conference
The Edge Movers

November 24-25, 2003
Toronto Airport Marriott
901 Dixon Road, Toronto

In today's very competitive environment, professional movers need an edge to set themselves apart from the rest of the marketplace.

Once again, CAM hosted a conference that was dedicated to providing you with useable competitive information. Our speakers gave a helpful role to the consumer.

Tom Abercrombie 
Chantal Charron 
Bob Johnson 
John Levi 
Andrew Pierce 
Kernaghan Webb 
Bob Whitelaw 
Ric Williams 
Innovator's Award
Bryan Bennett
Clifford Hoyt Founder's Award
Distinguished Service Award
John Skinner


2003 Winners Award (left to right):
John Levi, Clifford Hoyt, Bryan Bennett, John Skinner, Graham Acreman