2018 Annual Conference


The theme of our 2018 Annual Conference was Building Blocks for Next Generation Performance. Our Annual Conference closed with our Annual Awards Dinner, a well-loved event where the achievements of the industry's finest professionals were celebrated.

Thanks to Gino DiNola for taking most of the photos during the conference. The files are large and may take a few seconds to open.

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Conference: Sunday, November 18 to Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Awards Dinner: Tuesday, November 20, 2018 (5:30-6:30pm Chairman's Reception; 6:30-9pm Annual Awards Dinner)


Crowne Plaza, Niagara Falls, ON Canada




Connecting with the ME Generation: What You Need to Know About Engaging Millennials

DONG-LING CHEN, Manager, Talent Strategy, Deloitte (Toronto Human Capital)

With the abundance of misconceptions about Millennials, it is no wonder why they are often called the “me” generation. Given that in less than five years, three out of every four workers globally will be a Millennial, figuring out who Millennials are and what we are really like is at the top of most employers' minds. To help employers understand how best to connect with the Millennial generation, we first explore who Millennials are by debunking the common stereotypes about Millennials, before talking about what more accurately characterizes them. We then go into specifically what Millennials look for in an employer both when choosing to join a company and deciding whether or not to stay. Finally, we explore some strategies employers and leaders can use when looking into how they can maximize the potential of Millennials.

Presentation (pdf)


Maximize Your Social ROI

REBECCA MOUNTAIN, Owner, Impetus Social

Do you know the ROI of your social or digital marketing strategy? If not, then you're not alone - but you need to fix it STAT. This session will cover how to generate low-cost, high-converting leads and follow them through your sales funnel so that they turn into profitable, life-long clients as soon as possible. You'll walk away with actionable tactics and strategies to apply right away - and see results within 24 hours. We are delighted that Rebecca is joining us again. She first spoke to the CAM audience in 2012.

Presentation (pptx)


Canadians on the Move: Who’s Moving? Where To and Why?

STEPHEN CYRNE, President & CEO, Canadian Employee Relocation Council

Based on a 2018 survey of working Canadians, this presentation takes a closer look at the willingness of Canadians to move for employment purposes.

Presentation (pptx)


Curing Cannabis Confusion: A Clear Path Through the Haze

SANDRA CROZIER-MCKEE, Western Master Business Mechanics

The Speaker’s Bureau of Canada only admits the top speakers in their fields and Sandra Crozier-McKee is their selected speaker on the subject of cannabis in the workplace. Her presentation “Curing Cannabis Confusion: A Clear Path Through the Haze” delves into the essential actions leaders must take to ensure their policies meet the required standards under the new legislation. Her seminar is constantly evolving and updating to deliver the latest information available in the area where your business is located. A member of the Canadian Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, CCOHS certified in “Cannabis in the Workplace” she illuminates a clear path for your organization to follow by summarizing the current relevant and reliable research.

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US and Canadian Moving: New Paths for a New Generation

SCOTT MICHAEL, President & CEO, American Moving & Storage Association

We’re so much alike…and then we’re not. There’s a lot to think about when comparing US and Canadian moving trends: electronic logging devices and how they’ve affected the way US companies are working; Millennials’ desire for apps and uber-type services and the rogue operations resulting from that want; the need to up your social media and customer reviews game to even get a look form prospective customers; and the rising popularity of virtual surveys. Scott Michael is going to update us on US trends and the general state of their moving industry. Knowing that developments in the US will surely spill into Canada, this is guaranteed to be an hour well spent.

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Difficult Conversations – Planning for Family Business Successions

MARK DENNEY, Vice President Marketing, Bridgeforce/WCS Grand River

Business succession planning is often one of the last things small business owners what to discuss or plan for. By putting the discussions off “for later”, business owners are often boxed into a corner they’d prefer not to be. Listen to a few cases studies on some interesting succession structures and how other business owners transitioned their valuable business to either their family or outside purchasers. With Mark’s ‘fact finder’, have all the data at hand to make intelligent, reasonable decisions on what you should do with your business.

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CAM is pleased to announce these Award recipients for 2018.

  • Distinguished Service Award - Doug Kellough, formerly of Salmon's Transfer Ltd.
  • Industry Achievement Award - John Bandstra, formerly of Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd
  • Public Service - Financial Crimes Unit of the Toronto Police Service
  • Independent Mover of the Year - Firemen Movers Inc.
  • Agent of the Year - Quality Move Management, Inc.

View previous Award recipients here.