CAM Mover's Edge, February 2009

CAM Activities in 2008

CAM’s annual activities range across a broad spectrum of stakeholders in the moving industry – movers, van lines, suppliers, associations, consumers, consumer agencies, and government – both federal and provincial. A few of these activities include:

  • Rewrite of CAM’s Canadian Professional Mover course
  • Redesign of CAM’s website
  • Implementation of a complete bilingual communications policy
  • Production of a compensation survey
  • Assistance to Canadian Trucking Human Resources Council in developing a driver profile
  • Ongoing liaison with HHGFAA (now IAM), AMSA and NCMA

National Do Not Call List

Are you a telemarketer? If you cold-call prospective customers, then you are a telemarketer and subject to the rules under the National Do Not Call List regulations. The regulations have been in effect since September 30, 2008 and more than 6,000,000 consumers’ phone numbers are now on the list. You have a good chance of contacting one of these numbers if you do not follow the rules. In January, CAM held a conference call in which the following items were discussed. Attendees gave the call a rating of EXCELLENT.

  • Who is a telemarketer
  • What constitutes telemarketing
  • Under what circumstances you can or cannot call a number on the Do Not Call List
  • What you must do to comply with the regulations
  • Costs and penalties

Speed Limiters

Speed limiters are now mandatory for all trucks (over 26,000 lbs. GVW and manufactured after January 1, 1995) in Ontario and Quebec. Government and trucking associations see benefits to the economy, the environment and safety. The maximum speed for these vehicles is 105 km/h. The rules apply to ALL trucks operating in Ontario and Quebec, whatever their origin. The implementation period is from January to June 2009 during which fines will not be assessed. The announcement can be seen on our website with the regulations shown on the Acts and Regulations webpage.

2009 Canadian Moving Industry Compensation Survey

Once again CAM is conducting a survey of compensation in the moving industry. Our experience in previous surveys will help us provide you with better information on benefits and more timely results.

SUCCESS DEPENDS ON YOUR PARTICIPATION. For the survey to be valid, useful and confidential, we need input from as many movers as possible in all regions of Canada. In turn, the results will provide you with wage and salary rates for sales, administrative and operations staff.

A comprehensive set of results for Canada and all available regions is free to all members who participate.

Completing the survey will take 15 to 20 minutes of your payroll administrator’s time. Watch your email for the results in mid-March.

Canadian Professional Mover Course

CAM’s Canadian Professional Mover course has been reviewed, updated and re-priced to provide members with valuable training tools for sales and operations staff.

CAM’s directors have rewritten several sections of the course and edited others. In the past, the cost was $300 per individual; it is now $300 for an unlimited number of registrants from a company.

Canadian Passports

And don’t forget, effective June 1, 2009, you and your employees will need a passport for travel to the USA.