CAM Mover's Edge, January, 2014

Happy New Year

The officers, directors and staff of the Canadian Association of Movers wish you, your family and your staff a healthy and prosperous new year.

As an Association, we have declared 2014 as the Year of the Reputable Mover. Activities are being put in place to make Canada less hospitable to the rogues and pirates who have destroyed the reputation of our industry.

You will see the beginnings of the campaign next week in which we will inform the media through our press-release program and address the provincial governments’ responsible ministries about this plague on the moving industry.

We are enlisting the assistance of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business in our efforts.

Your suggestions for additional ways to tackle this problem would be appreciated.

IF YOU HAVE NEWS THAT CANADA’S MOVING INDUSTRY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT, please let us know and we will include it in upcoming issues of this newsletter.