CAM Mover's Edge, January 22, 2010


CAM is in the process of installing MovesOnline software on its website. The software allows consumers to enter the data for their moves on CAM’s website. CAM will then distribute the response to a member in the area. This will be done on a subscription basis.

The results consist of a room-by-room inventory. The software generates a listing of the supplies (boxes, tape, mattress covers, etc.) you will need for the move and also gives you a list of the supplies a consumer may want to buy for a pack-by-owner move. The software provides an estimate of cube and weight as well as distance. 

The process will take a consumer 15 to 30 minutes to complete. It requires a time commitment on the consumer’s part to finish an estimate. It will allow consumers to perform their own estimates at the time of their choosing. It will give your sales team a solid lead and provide your operations people with a consumer-generated inventory list. Any variance from the list (e.g., consumer forgot to include the freezer in the basement) becomes a legitimate additional charge at your option.

CAM will host a free conference call next Wednesday to familiarize members with the software. Watch for details!

Canadian Professional Movers Course

CAM’s Canadian Professional Movers course was a major success in 2009 with 43 graduates from 13 companies. The program is an online training program for sales people and customer service representatives. It also includes access to CAM’s video training module for helpers. The new graduates include:

Bekins Moving and Storage (Canada) Ltd.

  • Dianne Ward

Blue Line Moving and Storage (Ont) Inc.

  • Bryant Knapton

East Coast Moving & Warehousing

  • Bonnie Grice

Highland Moving & Storage Ltd.

  • Fran McKay

LaPalm Moving Systems

  • Ken Gallant
  • Shawn Mulvihill

Mackie Moving Systems

  • Gil Beaulne
  • Laura Brown
  • Shelley Buffett
  • Debra Couture
  • Jena Hamilton
  • Cindy Mackie
  • Janet Porter
  • Frank Will

Milne's Moving & Storage Ltd.

  • Michael O'Callaghan

Quality Move Management, Inc.

  • Paramdeep Barmi
  • Kali Beck
  • Sean Cairns
  • Ann Clark
  • Patricio Contreras
  • Sylvia Dlugosz
  • Michael Gordon
  • Charlie Henderson
  • Francis Leal
  • Malena Luppi
  • Lisa Nyland
  • Christina Perry
  • Kailee Rathburn
  • Tammy Robson
  • Hardy Rosenke
  • Karen Sobrinho
  • Lyndsie Wilson
  • Erin Winter
  • Yvonne Zheng

Salmon's Transfer Ltd.

  • Sarah Arthur


  • Lori Geng

Taylor Moving & Storage Ltd.

  • John Alaimo
  • Roxanne Bisaillon
  • Kingsley Cole
  • Matt Czernikiewicz
  • Paul Presswood

Tender Touch Moving

  • Jason Morin

Trinity Moving Inc.

  • Jones Jelot

New Members

CAM welcomes two new supplier members who joined CAM this month:

  • Kentucky Trailer, Louisville, KY – trailer manufacturers
  • The CG&B Group Inc., Markham, ON – insurance brokers

Visit our online directory for contact information for these companies and all other CAM members.

Established Saskatchewan Mover for Sale

The owners of a long-term, profitable Saskatchewan moving company are considering selling the company as an ongoing business. Contact CAM to be put in touch with the owners.

Job Postings & Vehicles for Sale

  • Rawlinson Moving & Storage has posted an ad for a moving consultant.
  • A Cobourg ON auto dealer has a 2007 GMC truck with a 26’ box for sale.

To see these ads visit and (pdf).

Supplier Announcements

Kentucky Trailers has announced that CAM members should watch for membership specials in the next issue of this newsletter.

Western Star Trucks has announced that it will continue discounts for CAM members of $1,500 and $2,000 discounts for purchases of specified day-cab and sleeper-cab models throughout 2010.

To all supplier members, this is a free service as part of your membership. Please let us know about any special products, services or rates you would like to let movers across Canada know about.