CAM Mover's Edge, March 26, 2010

CAM Directory

CAM will be publishing the spring 2010 issue of The Canadian Mover in early April. Please review your listing in the fall 2009 issue or online and let us know about any changes by Thursday, April 1. We will ensure that your changes are included in the spring issue.

Compensation Survey — Deadline Extension

We have extended the deadline for submission of the data sheets for CAM’s 2010 compensation survey to April 1. With enough inputs, CAM can provide results by province and region. Results will be available in early April.

Canadian Education & Training Offering

With summer staff coming on board, now is the time to subscribe to CAM’s education offerings. A one-year subscription gives you unlimited access to the Canadian Professional Movers course for your sales and customer-service staff as well as access to the Helpers Video Training Module. The video provides basic information for helpers and gives you documented proof that the training has occurred.

Ontario’s Vehicle Weight and Dimension Project

Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation has issue an update to its Vehicle Weight and Dimension project. The document can be seen on CAM’s website. The deadline for comments is April 30.


CAM’s online database of job applicants is available in the member’s only area of the website. Here you can find the following:

  • Applicants for your driver, helper and staff positions arranged by position type and postal code. Applications are arriving at a rate of 30+ per day from EI offices across Canada.
  • Job ads for sales staff and other operations staff are posted. It currently contains a few postings for sales staff.