CAM Mover's Edge, October, 2011

Important Notice — Faxes For CAM

Some members are reporting that they have been unable to reach CAM’s fax. If you have had problems reaching our fax or have not had a response to a fax that you sent us, please re-try using 905-764-0765. This is CAM’s new fax number.

A Social-Media World — The New Business Reality

CAM’S 2011 Annual Conference will address some of the issues and challenges facing movers as social media becomes a prevalent way in which movers communicate with consumers. Join us November 13–15, 2011 in Toronto.

You have the conference flyer (pdf) or you can find it on the web.

There is a new phone number to use in making your hotel reservations 1-866-932-7058. It’s a new and more accessible toll-free number. The block of rooms (and the special price!) that CAM has reserved closes on October 14. Rooms are still available. Book now to avoid disappointment.


CAM’s 2011 Awards

CAM will celebrate its 11th Annual Awards Dinner on Monday, November 14. This year we will be honouring:

  • Howard Bigham – Distinguished Service Award
  • Dennis Doehl – Industry Achievement Award
  • Dale Goldhawk – Public Service Award

Join us for an evening in which members of the moving industry celebrate the achievements of prominent members of our profession as well as an individual who has assisted consumers for many years in their search reputable providers of moving services.

Atlas Canada Wins NAV Canada’s Supplier Award

NAV Canada

NAV Canada, the country's civil-aviation navigation services provider, awarded Atlas Canada its “Supplier Award of Excellence” for 2011. The award recognizes the level of quality that Atlas Canada has provided in relocating NAV Canada employees.

Congratulations to Atlas Canada and its agents on this customer-service achievement.

Toronto Police Service Activities

Around this time last year we reported that the Toronto Police Service had arrested a local Toronto mover and charged the employees with many crimes including fraud, extortion, theft and possession of stolen goods. Sergeant Kevin Hooper discussed this at our 2010 Annual Conference.

The Province of Ontario’s Asset Forfeiture Unit has seized all of the company’s moving trucks, two personal cars and one residence thus far. It will be a year before this goes to trial. The Province cannot sell the property until a judge agrees at trial that the property was obtained by crime (i.e., by defrauding the victims of thousands of dollars which allowed the bad-guys to buy trucks, house, etc.).

A New Scam

In the last week, we have been approached by two different companies offering to sell us tickets for attendance at the Masters and the US Open golf tournaments. They advised that a client of theirs is unable to attend and they are offering us the tickets. The tickets are several thousand dollars and must be paid for immediately. Draw your own conclusions. It may not be a scam but it sure sounds like one. CAVEAT EMPTOR!

IF YOU HAVE NEWS THAT CANADA’S MOVING INDUSTRY SHOULD KNOW ABOUT, please let CAM know and we will include it in upcoming issues of this newsletter.