CAM Newsletter, April 1, 1999

Government Moving Contract

The Federal Government’s moving contract has been awarded, effective today, April 1st. The contractors are North American Van Lines with 50% of the activity, United Van Lines with 35% and Atlas Van Lines with 15%.Bidders first had to qualify through an initial technical evaluation to determine if they met the standards and capabilities needed under the contract. They were then entered in the "Self-Determined Business Distribution" process, the government’s new methodology in which the bidders indicate the fraction of business each would want at each pricing level. This summer, the government will conduct trials on alternatives to scaling and on a methodology that will reward a contractor’s quality of service with an increased share of business.

Hours of Service

The process continues. At the meetings in February, a drafting committee was set up to assemble all the information that had been agreed to. This primarily was a cycle of 14 hours on duty and 10 hours off duty in any 24-hour period. Standards relating to this cycle should be prepared by Fall 1999 with regulations to follow after that.Scientific research, which will guide development of the weekly cycles and the reset and recovery periods, is still inconclusive. The weekly caps of 60 hours in seven days, 70 in 8 and 120 in 14 will remain in place until either research is available to improve them or technology is available to measure fatigue.

US Medical Reciprocity

Effective March 30, 1999, a Canadian driver no longer needs a US DOT medical. It is the responsibility of the carrier to ensure that although a driver has a valid Canadian drivers licence, he does not have one of the disqualifying conditions.

Vehicle Impoundment

Just to bring you up to date, since its beginning on February 16, 1999, over 200 vehicles have been impounded under Ontario’s Vehicle Impoundment Program. Of these, the vast majority (95%) are personal vehicles.

North American Load Securement Standard

For the past four years, CCMTA has been represented on the North American Cargo Securement Standard Harmonization Committee. The committee has been working to develop a uniform standard for load securement. This standard will be consistently implemented across North America. The latest draft is available on the internet at

Certified Moving Consultant course

The Certified Moving Consultant course is now ready to go. Attached is a registration form you can use to register yourself or your sales people. The course and examination cost will be $75.00 CDN (plus GST of $5.25). CAM will administer the course in Canada. The chapter on Canadian content will be distributed when it becomes available.

The Canadian Mover

As reported last month, CAM’s new magazine is at the printer now and will be mailed in early April. It is part of a publication suite which includes the publication of a magazine twice a year, an annual directory and this fax bulletin. When you’ve read it, let us know what you think and submit your ideas for articles, features and news items. Articles include a description of the CMC course development, the government moving contract, a perspective on international moves from Sterling International, a review of the 1998 Conference, and profiles on Cartier Supply and Hoyt’s Group. We have also included contact information for all our new members.


CAM has had a very popular speaker program. We plan to have luncheon speakers in Toronto in May or June and in the Fall speaking on financial management, advances in the industry, new products, systems, operations, etc. We would appreciate your suggestion for speakers or topics.

CAM Directory

CAM’s Membership Directory is in its final assembly stage. If you have any changes to your address or other listing information, let us know today.

Movers’ Edge

This fax bulletin, Movers’ Edge, is published to provide CAM members with up-to-date information on our industry and the environment in which we work. This is the last month in which it will be distributed to non-members. To continue to receive it, join CAM.

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