CAM Newsletter, August 1, 1998

Hours of Service

The issue of Hours of Service was one of the items on the agenda at the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) Annual Meeting in Victoria, May 31 - June 3, 1998. The following decisions were taken:

  • Transport Canada will hire a consultant to assess the various options being discussed and meet with the stakeholders. The consultant's report is expected next fall.
  • In view of the complexity of the issue, the CCMTA project group mandate has been extended until Spring 1999 in order to complete the regulatory options.
  • With respect to a Fatigue Management Pilot Program, a national pilot would not be feasible at this time but it was anticipated that a pilot program will still be initiated in Alberta.

Quebec - Bill 430

The Quebec legislature adopted Bill 430 setting the foundation for new and comprehensive commercial vehicle safety regulations. It requires all commercial operators to be registered and rated with the province. The deadline for registration is August 1, 1999. Registration can be denied based on a carrier's safety record.

Ontario - Vehicle Impoundment

In November 1998, Ontario will become the sixth province to implement a vehicle impoundment program for drivers caught driving while suspended. Vehicle owners, regardless of whether they were driving the vehicle, will be held responsible and will be required to pay all costs related to the impoundment. In Ontario, in 1996, there were 37,000 mandatory suspensions. The number of drivers currently under suspension by licence class are: A - 1,123, C - 79, D - 2,420, G - 31,847.

David Long, CAM's Executive Director, was present at the July 15th Vehicle Impoundment Program (Driving while suspended) hosted by MOT. Industry has raised concerns related to implied responsibility directed at a lessor and immediate impoundment procedures that appear not to allow reasonable exemptions. CAM will be represented at the next meeting scheduled for August 10.

New Parliamentary Secretary

Dr. Stan Dromisky is the new Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Transport, the Hon David Collenette. Dr. Dromisky is the Member of Parliament for Thunder Bay - Atikokan. As Parliamentary Secretary, he will play a role in the introduction of new legislation.

Kyoto Agreement on the Environment

As a direct consequence of the Kyoto Agreement on the Environment and in response to climate change, Transport Canada has organized a Climate Change Transportation Table. David Long has a seat at this Table. It is made up of 26 members and co-chaired by Pollution Probe, one of the environmental lobby groups. Similar Tables have been set up in other industry sectors. The Table will produce recommendations to assist Canada to meet its Kyoto commitments. Transport Canada issued two calls for proposals for studies on the issue of climate change:

  • Highway Vehicle Emissions and Highway Investments
  • Road Pricing and Climate Change - Phase 1: Needs Assessment

Membership Directory

The CAM membership directory was mailed out to all members together with certificates and identification stickers. The CAM identity program is receiving high marks from members.

Certified Moving Consultants Course

Four sections from the CMC manual have currently being reviewed by CAM officials in our partnership with AMSA. More will be assigned as they are received.

  • Historical Overview - Peter Naylor
  • Claims and Mover's Liability - Denis Frappier
  • Understanding the Tariff - Allen Taylor
  • Selling the Essentials - Scott Naylor

Ontario's Repair and Storage Liens Act

The CAM office has the most recent copy of the act. Photocopies of sections are available upon request.

Golf Tournament - Change of date to September 28

Because of the Canadian Employers Relocation Council (CERC) meeting on September 15, CAM's Annual Golf Tournament will held on September 28, further details will follow. Get your foursomes together now.