CAM Newsletter, February 2, 1999

Van Line meeting

As Paul Van Remortel mentioned in his fax of January 22, several CAM directors met with senior Van Line executives: Bob Sandora of Allied, John Skinner of North American and Tom Syme of United. The feeling after the meeting was very positive that a new relationship was being forged based on education and professional development. Details will be included in future issues of Movers' Edge as they are developed.

Government of Canada Moving Services Contract

It is our understanding that the contract for government moving services has been awarded conditionally and that the parties have entered into the three-week period in which they will finalize implementation. We will let you know the final results as soon as the ink is dry on the final contract.

Certified Moving Consultant course

CAM just received the final three chapters of AMSA's CMC course (Cost, Technical and International). These will be sent out to CAM directors for review and addition of Canadian content. The publication of a Canadian content supplement is scheduled for spring, 1999.

In the interim, the CMC course will be available through the CAM offices with the Canadian content following later when it is available. Contact the CAM office if you are interested in taking the course or having one of your associates enroll.

Hours of Service

The US Federal Highway Administration published its intent to explore a negotiated rulemaking process to revise driver's hours of service rules. Two consultants have been hired to conduct interviews with interested parties and suggest the make-up of the negotiation advisory committee.

Transport Canada's consultant's report suggests a minimum of 10 hours off-duty in each 24-hour cycle. In February, the CCMTA task force will deal with the issue of whether the 10-hour period may be split or continuous.

Ontario's Carrier Safety Rating Program

Carrier Safety Rating Program is part of Ontario's Road Safety Plan. It will categorize carriers by their performance. Carriers may be able to gain competitive advantage by using their rating as validation in their marketing. The rating is based on the operator's CVOR record and includes facility audits.

Vehicle Impoundment Program

CAM was represented at a recent meeting related to Ontario's Vehicle Impoundment Program - Driving While Suspended. The program is intended to prevent drivers with suspended licenses from operating motor vehicles. The program goes into effect in mid February and has been amended to include some industry suggestions including a 900 number and a website for driver-licence status checks. The price per check will be in the $2.00 to $3.00 range. CAM will be represented on the committee which will represent the industry in the development of the website.

Transportation Club of Ottawa -
10th Annual Mover's Night

February 4 is the TCO Mover's Night. Contact the Club (Tel: 613-276-4907 or Fax: 613-276-4908) for details. Guest speaker will be David Armstrong, Managing Associate of Century 21, and past president of the Ottawa Carleton Real Estate Board. (Let us know when you have a similar event and we'll post it in this bulletin.)

CAM's New Mover's Magazine - The Canadian Mover

A magazine for Canadian movers has been on CAM's agenda for a long time. You should see it in the next month or so. It is intended to provide background on the moving industry in Canada, information of interest to movers and the direction CAM is going. Some of the topics include the direction the government is taking the moving contract, the Certified Moving Consultant's course, a profile of a Canadian mover, and a profile of a supplier to the moving industry. Watch for your copy and let us know what you think.

Our website now has the capabilities we need to serve you, our members. It has an easily searchable database of CAM members, areas related to the organization of CAM, our mission and goals, and soon, copies of Mover's Edge will be posted. Do you have any news items? Information that should be posted? Additions or changes to your listing? (P.S. the directory will be printed from the information you see in the database; please update it.)

Let us know about your events. We'll include them. Some news in this bulletin is specific to a single province. If you know of local legislation, let us know. If you would prefer this newsletter by e-mail, let us know.