CAM Newsletter, June 1, 1999

Fly-By-Night Movers

We have heard from many CAM members, the media and the public that they are becoming increasingly concerned about fly-by-night moving companies who give impossibly low quotes and deliver a very low standard of service, if they deliver at all. Their practices have damaged the reputation of the moving industry and the business of the ethical, legally operating mover. Yesterday, CAM began a campaign to eradicate these operators initially through communications with the government regulators in all provinces and the federal government. We’ll keep you posted.Part of the text of the letter included: "All too often, we are witnessing a trend where companies are cutting corners on legislated safety requirements and other normal mandated business requirements in order to undercut the prices that responsible, legal moving companies must charge in order to conform to government requirements."

See the following news item.

    The Toronto Sun acknowledges the role of CAM

    In an article that appeared in the May 8th issue of The Toronto Sun, the Canadian Association of Movers was acknowledged as an entity formed by reputable movers "to help bolster the image of a de-regulated industry plagued by horror stories and fly-by-night operators." The article described a mover who was very high profile in the Toronto area because of the catastrophic results of his moves and warned the public that they have to research a move in the same fashion that they would for any major purchase. The article went on to say that members of this trade group must meet certain professional standards and agree to abide by a code of ethics.Since the May 8th publication, we have had 20 calls with complaints about movers (none of whom were CAM members) and from people looking for a mover in the Toronto Area.

    CAM Membership News

    In the February 2nd issue of Movers’ Edge, we reported to you that Paul Van Remortel, our Chairman, and several CAM directors met with senior van line executives from Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines and United Van Lines. The feeling among the CAM directors was that everyone left the meeting with a very positive attitude toward the relationship between CAM and the van lines. Atlas Van Lines and Allied Van Lines have been members of the association since it was re-established three years ago.Now welcome North American Van Lines as a new CAM member. As reported earlier, we are working toward a new relationship with all the van lines based primarily on education and professional development.

    Y2K Compliant Equipment and Software (deadline June 30th)

    Don’t forget that accelerated capital cost allowance deductions are available to small and medium-size businesses for up to $50,000 of eligible computer hardware and software acquired before June 30th to replace systems that are not year 2000 compliant.

    CAM Membership Directory

    The 1999 CAM Membership Directory just arrived in the office and will be mailed to all movers across Canada on Tuesday. The Directory shows over 200 movers, suppliers from across Canada, van lines, international movers and moving associations. In addition, there are a number of advertisers who have supported the publication of this directory. The people for whom the directory has been most valuable over the last few years have used it to network with other movers across the country and around the world. This information is also on our website at

    Certified Moving Consultant Course

    Registration forms were mailed to all interested members of CAM for the Certified Moving Consultant course which CAM is delivering in partnership with AMSA. The official application forms were mailed out to over 30 movers. The first courses are on their way to movers across Canada. Contact the CAM office for an application form.

    The Canadian supplement to the course is being assembled from reference material developed over the last ten years.

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