CAM Newsletter, March 1, 1999

Government Moving Contract

In the February issue of Mover’s Edge, we reported that the federal government moving contract had been awarded and was in its final negotiation phase. Government representatives are doing their final due diligence including site visits and review of contractors’ capabilities. As things stand now, the final results should be known in mid-March.There has been a challenge to the contracting process that may delay results.

Hours of Service

As has been reported in previous issues of Movers’ Edge, a committee of the CCMTA is still working out the hours-of-service regulations. The committee met on February 17 and 18, 1999 and reached consensus on a daily cycle of no less than 10 hours of rest and no more than 14 hours of work in any 24 hour period. A sub-committee has been formed to revise the NSC standard.The allowable hours of 60 in seven days, 70 in 8 and 120 in 14 will not be changed until further research is done. Watch for further news and updates. THE OLD REGULATIONS STILL APPLY. NOTICE OF CHANGES TO THE REGULATIONS SHOULD APPEAR IN THE NEXT SIX MONTHS.

Pollution Control

In October 1998, the US Environmental Protection Agency obtained a settlement ($83 million in fines and $1 billion to be spent on environmental improvements) from major diesel manufacturers including Cat, Volvo, Mack and Detroit. $1 billion will go the build cleaner engines, upgrade old ones and fund anti-pollution projects. Transport Canada has begun negotiations with engine manufacturers in Canada to obtain similar results. The basis of the settlement was that manufacturers had installed software that enabled engines to meet federal emission standards while still emitting soot, dust and nitrous oxide.

Euro Currency

NEER Service France advises that the EURO is now the currency of Europe and they will quote in both French Francs (FF) and Euros. This will probably apply to most European movers. One Canadian Dollar will buy approximately 0.60 Euros, 1.14 German Marks, 3.8 French Francs, 0.41 Pounds, and US$ 0.65.Britain is the only country of the 12 in the European Community not participating in the Euro.

Workers Compensation

Canadian Workers Compensation Boards (excluding Saskatchewan) have agreed to create an "Alternative Assessment Procedure" for inter-jurisdictional transport workers. In the past, motor carriers and operators travelling between provinces were faced in each jurisdiction with different rules on the employment relationship and for paying premiums. Under this program, inter-provincial carriers have two options:

  • Pay premiums based on kilometres driven in each jurisdiction;
  • Choose to pay premiums to the WCB in the province in which the employee resides.

Check with your local WCB for more information.

Anti-Lock Brakes

Transport Minister David Collenette introduced amendments to the Motor Vehicle Safety regulations that will require antilock brake systems (ABS) on most new heavy vehicles. These amendments will harmonize Canada’s ABS regulations with those in the United States. Under the regulations, expected to be in force in December 1999, ABS will be required on all new vehicles equipped with air brakes and all new vehicles equipped with hydraulic brakes with a gross vehicle weight rating of 4,536 kg or greater.

Saskatchewan’s Carrier Profile System

The Saskatchewan Carrier Profile System is expected to be operational next month. The system will collect and record instances of motor carriers’ non-compliance with safety standards and assign demerit points. The program will document all related carrier violations for the past two years. It is therefore possible that some carriers may receive intervention notices as soon as the program is introduced.

CAM Update

CAM’s national board meets tomorrow in a conference call to discuss implementation of the Certified Moving Consultant course, policy issues and direction of the Association. The Canadian Mover, CAM’s magazine, is scheduled for mailing in March and the Membership Directory in June. The website has been renewed and has a few new features including an equipment-for-sale area.

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