CAM Newsletter, May 1, 1999

The Canadian Mover

CAM’s magazine, The Canadian Mover, was mailed in April. You should have your copy. It contains information on the Certified Moving Consultant course, Government contracts, a review of the 1998 Annual Conference and profiles on movers, suppliers and international operations. The next issue is scheduled to be published in the fall. We are developing the editorial schedule now. Let us know what you think.

Certified Moving Consultant Course

We are ready to go on the course. We have about 25 applications in hand and the registration forms will be in the mail shortly.

Y2K - Tax deduction

Just a reminder that to qualify for the full deduction under the tax rules, any equipment or software you buy to avoid or fix the Y2K problem, must be purchased before June 30, 1999. Accelerated capital cost allowance deductions of up to $50,000 will be provided for hardware and software acquired to replace systems that are not Y2K compliant.

Motor Vehicle Transport Act, 1987

The Transport Minister introduced amendments to the MVTA 1987 in the House of Commons. They should have far-reaching implications for the moving industry. The Act will:

  • Create a national framework for a provincially run regulatory system focussed on the safety of motor carriers. It will be based on the National Safety Code.
  • Allow provinces and territories whose safety compliance regimes are compatible with NSC standards to give an extra-provincial carrier a safety rating and to issue MVTA safety fitness certificates.
  • Allow provinces to apply sanctions to extra-provincial carriers for poor safety performance, including downgrading their ratings and revoking their safety fitness certificates and thus their right to operate.
  • Allow Canada to enter into agreements with other countries for reciprocal recognition of ratings and standards.

Senate Committee on Transportation Safety and Security

The committee’s report recommends:

  • Expanding the mandate of the Transportation Safety Board to investigate highway accidents involving commercial vehicles;
  • Reconsidering Transport Canada’s position on random drug and alcohol testing;
  • Diversion of part of federal and provincial excise taxes to highway rehabilitation;
  • Establishing an infrastructure program to build new highways and maintain old ones;
  • Stamping of tires for commercial vehicles stating the tires have been retreaded;
  • Creating safety committees in all transportation companies.

CAM Membership News

Several of CAM’s regional directors have been working diligently with fellow agents of their respective van lines to join CAM. Atlas and Allied have already joined CAM as associate van-line members. There has been positive interest expressed in the other van lines about the possibility of joining CAM. Stay tuned for details.There seems to be a lot of international interest in CAM as we are getting inquiries and new members from around the world. Have a look in the membership directory on the website for our new international members. They have expertise you should consider tapping in your international moves.

CAM Membership Directory

We have received the page proofs from the printer. They will be returned to the printer on Tuesday, May 4th. This is your absolutely last opportunity to make additions, deletions, address or phone number changes to your listing. Check your listing on the website at

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