Movers' Edge, April, 2000


Two new CAM committees are being organized to accelerate progress with respect to the (1) occupational standards project in concert with Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) and (2) code of conduct that will form the basis of professional participation within CAM. The code of conduct will speak to the relationship between the mover and the consumer and what the consumer should be able to expect from a CAM member.


The new combined membership directory and magazine has gone to press. Watch for it in your mailbox. This is a new format and is intended to be useful not only for your fellow movers but also as a selling tool when you are dealing with your customers.


In discussion with several transportation industry leaders, CAM sees a general agreement on the need for a fuel surcharge. Customers understand the need for one. This could take the form of either a percentage charge on your hourly rate or a specific cost per kilometre. At 80 km/hr, a vehicle might use 20 to 30 litres per hour. Consider what a litre of fuel costs you now and what it cost you when you set your rates. Is a surcharge a necessity? You bet!


CAM has formally become a member of the Better Business Bureau with not only a classic membership but also a BBB Online® Reliability Seal membership, which positions CAM as a progressive organization. We believe that we are the first association to join the Better Business Bureau in Canada. To be clear, CAM membership would not automatically ensure that each CAM member is a member of BBB. However, we encourage all members to become part of BBB to help promote the integrity of our industry.


The Ontario Trucking Association and Cerno Research have produced a report titled Year 2000 Trucking Operations Compensation & Benefits. The report details how Ontario trucking companies pay their employees. Besides compensation issues, the report addresses many human resources issues, including wage increases, turnover and absenteeism.

The sector reports a turnover rate of 10%, which is 50% higher that the rest of Canadian industry.


NEER Service France reports that the 20.6% VAT on delivery service will not be applicable from April 1st. The tax has been cancelled by the French government. Also, there will be no VAT on shipments to France from outside the European Union.


The correction process for the Canadian Professional Mover’s course is ongoing. The current status is as follows:

  • All questions have been checked for accuracy and are correct on the Website.
  • Between Monday and Friday, April 3rd to 10th, all lessons will be edited and corrected for content. This should bring the course up to date and ensure that the information you are getting is right.

If you have registered for the course and have not received your password, please let us know and we will get you online.


The CAM golf tournament is scheduled for September 19, 2000, at the Cardinal Golf Club north of Toronto. The national office will provide faxing service to movers in any region wishing to put on a regional golf tournament.


Membership for 2000 is now keeping pace with 1999 with about the same mix of movers, suppliers and international members. The major difference is that all four major van lines (Allied, Atlas, North American and United) are now members.