Movers' Edge, April and May, 2006


In January, CAM members worked with Ontario’s Ministry of Government Services to produce two flyers for consumers, each in English and French. Members in all provinces may find them useful in validating themselves to consumers.

We’ve posted them as PDFs to our website in the consumer area. You can download them from there.

  1. What You Need to Know About Getting an Estimate — Ce que vous devez savoir au sujet des devis
  2. What You Need to Know About Hiring a Mover — Ce que vous devez savoir au sujet des déménagements

They are not in general circulation and are not available from the Ministry. You can print them from the PDFs.


We’ll be putting the Spring issue of The Canadian Mover in the mail to you next week. This issue will remain in circulation until October, when the Fall issue will be published. It will be mailed to movers in Canada and around the world, supplier members of CAM, governments (both federal and provincial), consumer agencies and some realty organizations. Please let us know what you think of it and how we can make it more useful to you.


The consumer flyer for the Certified Canadian Mover Program has been reprinted. The French version now has contact information for our office in Montreal where consumers can be served in French.

If you are a certified mover, be sure to order some of these flyers. They may be what separate you from the competition. Just check with any mover who is using them. (And if you’re not certified, get in touch with CAM to find out about certification requirements and benefits.)

On a daily basis, CAM validates members’ services to consumers. Often, we provide information that is the deciding factor in closing those sales you really want.


At a recent meeting of CAM’s new Atlantic Chapter, this form was shown by a member as a best practice. It may help you to reduce claims on damages to particleboard furniture. You may find it useful. Here is the text of the form. Print it on your letterhead.

Release to Transport Particleboard Furniture

Customer Name: _______________________ Release Number: _______________________________

Furniture manufactured from pressboard or particleboard is designed to go into a carton from the manufacturer to the retailer and then to the customer unassembled. It is not constructed to withstand the normal stress of a move as an assembled unit.

Most ready-to-assemble particleboard furniture is not designed with the extra wood structural pieces to adequately brace the unit for movement out of or into a residence and may not withstand the normal truck vibration even when transported in our vehicles.

Assembly instructions frequently suggest that connecting hardware pieces be glued in place. This does not significantly improve the structural integrity of the pieces and makes disassembly impossible without creating substantial unrepairable damage.

I __ space for customer name ___ release ___ your company name ___ from liability for damage resulting from the transportation and relocation of particleboard furniture.

___ space for customer signature and date ___

___ space for van line or moving company representative’s signature ___


Bryce Burgess passed away on Friday, April 21, 2006, after a brief illness. He will be remembered as an important member of the Canadian moving community. At 19, he started Halifax Speedy Delivery and, in 1958, incorporated Burgess Transfer and Storage Limited. He was well-respected in the Halifax business community and by his colleagues in the Canadian moving industry, where he was a proud member of United Van Lines and a director of the Canadian Association of Movers. He is missed by his family, friends and colleagues.