Movers' Edge, August, 2001


The Compensation Committee, chaired by Board Member Graham Acreman, circulated a draft compensation survey to all members of the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the survey is to gather information on the compensation levels for personnel in various positions in the industry. Data will be gathered based on employee level, geographic area and company size. Using the results, a mover would be able to compare his or her salary rates with others in the same marketplace. Preliminary results of the "Employee" survey are expected to be available in time for the conference in November 2001.

The committee had several concerns about the conduct of the survey, which will be addressed before it is approved:

  • Confidentiality – The data that movers submit will be seen only by a reliable third party. We want to ensure that members have a good comfort level with the third party.
  • CAM members should consider this survey to be of sufficient value that they will give their data and buy the results.
  • Sample size – Enough members must respond for the results to be statistically significant.
  • Cost – As a minimum, the survey should not be a cost for the Association, and if possible, it should generate revenue.
  • At the end of the survey, CAM must ensure that the results remain CAM property.


CAM’s 2001 Annual Conference is scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, November 19 and 20, 2001, at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto North Hotel in Richmond Hill (Toronto), Ontario. The theme of the conference will relate to "Profitability," with Jim Larsen (the well-known profitability guru) giving a day-long seminar. We are putting a program together that will provide real benefits that you can take home and use to improve the bottom line. Speakers on financial management and mover-related topics will round out the program.

CAM’s National Office has had significant interest in the one-day tradeshow, which will be held on Monday, November 19. Preference will be given to members and those who have exhibited in the past. We may be able to provide a larger venue for the trade show, in which case more exhibitors will be accommodated.

Watch your fax, your e-mail and CAM’s Website for details.


CAM’s Annual Golf Tournament will be held at the Cardinal Golf Club on Tuesday, September 18. Join us for food, fun, prizes and a chance to meet old friends. Already, 22 golfers have signed up for the event.

This year, it’s a shotgun start. Tee-off for everyone will be at 12:30 pm.


The National Office is conducting a two-part membership campaign, to:

  1. Members who have not yet paid for the 2001 membership year
  2. New members – movers who have requested membership information in the past, but did not join. This group is eligible for a half-price membership fee, as only half the year remains.

As mentioned in a previous bulletin, CAM is approaching suppliers in the USA to join as supplier members and participate in the trade show in November.


In early July, Ken Janes, Chief, Central Removal Service, Public Works & Government Services Canada, advised CAM that, in relation to the new contract that came into effect on April 1, 2001, and included a 40% increase in tariff, the first of the customer surveys were beginning to come in, but results would not be available until the fall. The value index will come into effect at the end of October. Ken expressed the hope that, with the increase in tariff and the other incentives built into the contract, the government would see an improvement in customer service.