Movers' Edge, December, 2000


CAM's 2000 Annual Conference was a great success. On CAM's standard rating scale of poor to excellent (1 to 5), attendees rated their overall level of satisfaction with the conference at 4.60 and speakers at 4.25 – both great indicators. You should know that speakers Terry Evanshen and James Biss blew the audience away. You'll have to ask an attendee to know just how well these two speakers did.


    After the initial formalities, Paul Van Remortel, (Chairman of CAM from 1998 to 2000) reported on the development of the Canadian Professional Mover’s Course with Dalhousie University, the inclusion of the four major Canadian Van lines into CAM as van line members and the emergence of CAM's Website as an industry and consumer site. David Long, President, reported on the ongoing efforts of CAM in the areas of publications, communications, membership, and consumer and government relations. Darrell Powell, Treasurer, reported that CAM was solvent and had a satisfactory audit rating. The members approved the Board of Directors as:

    • CHAIRMAN: Randy Hoyt
    • VICE-CHAIRMAN: Graham Acreman
    • TREASURER: Darrell Powell
    • SECRETARY: Scott Hickling
    • PAST CHAIRMAN: Paul Van Remortel
      Talal Agha
      Denis Frappier
      Richard Lortie
      Larry Rosenberg
      Wayne Marshall
      Dennis O'Neill

      The membership appreciates the work of outgoing director, Howard Bigham, who served on CAM's Board as Treasurer since CAM was re-established in 1996.

      Scott Hickling reviewed the proposed changes made to CAM's bylaws. They were approved at the Annual General Meeting but require government approval from the Department of Corporate and Consumer Affairs. Complete information on the AGM may be seen on the Website or in the minutes that were mailed to all members last week.


    Randy Hoyt took over from Paul Van Remortel as Chairman of CAM. In his acceptance speech, Mr. Hoyt praised his predecessors, Denis Frappier and Paul Van Remortel, for their dedication and even-handed manner in which they led the Association. He specifically pointed out Paul Van Remortel's achievements over the past two years especially in getting the Canadian Professional Mover’s Course under way. Randy indicated that he would continue with the theme of inclusion and teamwork in focussing CAM on quality, labour issues and becoming a source of information for members. He mandated the National Office with the task of surveying CAM members to determine what benefits they want from membership.


      At CAM's Annual General Meeting, David Long (formerly Executive Director of CAM) was appointed as President of CAM. This change in title reflects the Association's wishes that CAM become more active in representing the membership to consumer groups, other industry groups and government.


        The Canadian Professional Mover’s course announces its second group of graduates.
        (Their names have been posted to the Website.)

        • PATRICIA O'BRIEN, Hoyt’s Moving & Storage Ltd., Gander NF
        • HELEN WHEELER-GENEREAUX, LaPalm Transportation Systems, Belleville ON


        CAM's website will increasingly become a source of information for members. Several new pages have been added:

          1. The speakers' presentations from the Annual Conference are being added as they become available.
          2. The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of November 21, 2000.
          3. CAM's Articles of Incorporation (bylaws) in draft format (also in pdf format).
          4. The new Board of Directors listing.