Movers' Edge, December, 2002


CAM’s 2002 Annual Conference was a great success, with top-notch speakers, deserving award winners, significant interaction with exhibitors and well-satisfied attendees. The watchword at the conference was value, with a focus on CAM membership. The four van line presidents spoke on the value they see in CAM and its potential for the future, and members had an opportunity to talk in an open-forum discussion about areas in which CAM could generate value.

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting and notes on the open forum will be posted to the website shortly.


    CAM elected a new Board of Directors and from that group the directors selected an Executive Committee. CAM thanks Darrell Powell, Talal Agha and Richard Lortie for their past contribution as Directors.

    Executive Committee

      • Graham Acreman, Chairman
      • Scott Hickling, Vice Chairman
      • Larry Rosenberg, Treasurer
      • Rick Taylor, Secretary
      • Randy Hoyt, Past Chairman


      • Tom Filgiano
      • Denis Frappier
      • Martin LeDrew
      • Wayne Marshall
      • Dennis O’Neill
      • Paul Van Remortel

        CAM adopted a new code of ethics to which all members will be asked to subscribe.


      Members of the Canadian Association of Movers, working toward their common goal of fostering high standards of ethical conduct within the Association and throughout the industry, promise to follow this guide to professional conduct:

        1. They will act with fairness and honesty to clients, being considerate of their needs.
        2. They will honour the terms of contracts, whether written or oral.
        3. They will maintain professional integrity and personal honour.
        4. They will provide efficient, reliable, high-quality service.
        5. They will ensure that services are provided in a safety-conscious environment.
        6. They will refuse to participate in collusive activities or discussions, and will ensure the continuance of competitive practices.
        7. They will promote education in the industry, to improve service to the public.
        8. They will fulfill all obligations of membership, including the timely payment of all charges for membership affiliation and services.

        Further, the Board of Directors has laid out a set of criteria for membership in CAM. Applicants for membership will be required to provide CAM with the following documentation (photocopies only):

        • Business licence
        • GST registration and number
        • Workers’ compensation certificate
        • Insurance certificate showing a minimum of $1 million liability and a cargo limit minimum of $250,000
        • Incorporation certificate
        • Yellow Pages ad or promotional items (optional)
        • Signed Code of Ethics form

          All membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


        CAM continues to look for value programs that will generate bottom-line savings for members. Watch your email and fax for details.

        The IBM Value Program has a new set of offerings on its website. Savings on their “Bundles of Joy” range from 15% to 26%. These expire on December 31.