Movers' Edge, December, 2003


CAM’s 2003 Annual Conference was rated highly by attendees. On CAM’s rating scale from Poor (1) to Excellent (5), the conference received a satisfaction rating of 4.52 and speakers had an average rating of 4.34, with a range from 3.21 to 4.85. The panel discussion was rated at 4.81. Verbatim comments about the conference were:

  • Great conference; the CCMP (Certified Canadian Mover Program) looks like a real winner
  • Most interesting and relevant CAM meeting in several years; good work; suggestions:
    1 – daily admonishments to cell-phone activity
    2 – consider holding AGM as first session on first day of conference to encourage attendance and broader member participation
  • Superior content; excellent execution
  • Harrison was excellent choice of presentation
  • Panel discussion was phenomenal
  • Need to increase attendance; sharing of best practices is applicable and should continue as seminar, possibly longer; suggested seminar: Valuation Understood – what are your obligations and options in providing coverage? Have in a broker for part of the session.

Joe Harrison’s speech was well received and highly rated. The challenges that American movers face are very similar to those for Canadian movers – regulation, legislation, automation, image, staffing and training, government, military and corporate customers, and rogue movers. Many of the solutions that the American Moving and Storage Association uses are applicable in Canada.

Members were very enthusiastic about the panel discussion. Larry Rosenberg showed the changes he had made to Bekins’ bill of lading – sign-off areas for value declaration, rates, minimums, travel time, payment terms, etc. – many of the areas where customer disputes arise. Denis Frappier talked about the importance of full disclosure together with full documentation, including photos at the beginning of a move. Graham Acreman discussed the value of customer questionnaires for allowing the company to track move quality by time period, employee and activity. He also uses a sign-off stamp for the work order, asking customers whether or not they were satisfied with the move. Scott Hickling uses a third-party insurance program, with a deductible portion for the customer. In this way the customer has two choices – self insurance or our protection program. This has significantly reduced the number of small issue claims on both local and provincial moves.


125 moving-industry professionals attended CAM’s 3rd Annual Awards Dinner on Monday evening, November 24th. CAM recognized three leaders in the moving industry through its annual awards:

  • Distinguished Service Award – presented to John Skinner
  • Founders Award – presented to Cliff Hoyt
  • Innovators Award – presented to Bryan Bennett



The Certified Canadian Mover Program was greeted enthusiastically by members. The program assures the Canadian consumer that a Certified Canadian Mover will provide services as promised and that, should it be necessary, the consumer can demand and receive mandatory arbitration as furnished by the BBB. Members saw the program as a key aid to their sales and marketing programs. Implementation of the program was ratified at the annual general meeting. Entry into the program is based on documentation filed with CAM:

  • Business licence (municipal business licence, provincial operating authority, etc.)
  • Incorporation certificate
  • GST registration and number
  • Workers’ compensation certificate
  • Insurance certificate showing a minimum of $1 million liability and a cargo limit minimum of $250,000
  • Yellow Pages ad or promotional items (optional)
  • Signed Code of Ethics form and acceptance of mandatory arbitration