Movers' Edge, February, 2001


The CAM Board of Directors met by conference call on January 16, 2001, to review previous meetings and set some priorities for 2001. The following are excerpts from that meeting.

Status of membership for 2001 at January 16, 2001:


  2000 January 16, 2000 January 16, 2001
Movers 108 38 80
Branches 26 1 18
Overseas 15 3 10
Suppliers 19 7 15
Van lines 4 0 2
Total 172 49 125


    While the renewals to date were well ahead of last year, the board determined that it was time to send out second notices to members who had not renewed for 2001.

    Conference Feedback

    The ratings from the delegates' evaluation sheets showed that the 2000 Annual Conference had the highest rating ever in terms of their overall level of satisfaction. It was 4.56 on a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent).

    Canadian Professional Mover Course

    The Canadian Professional Mover Course has 67 registrants with seven graduates to date. Registrations have been slow over the fall period with only six registrations since September 1, 2000. The CAM office will launch a registration campaign over the next few weeks to bring in course registrants. It was noted that several van lines had mailed out information on the course to their agents. A report will be mailed to all companies will registrants in the course detailing their employees' progress.

    All graduates of the Canadian Professional Mover Course are entitled to use the initials CPM after their name on their business cards and stationery. It signifies their commitment to a knowledgeable and ethical sales relationship with their customer and employer.

    Annual Golf Tournament

    The Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for Tuesday, September 18, 2001, at Cardinal Golf Club, north of Toronto. The office will investigate alternate sites for 2002 with an eye to upgrading quality.

    Membership Directory

    The Spring 2001 issue of The Canadian Mover will be printed in mid-April with mailing scheduled for the end of April. Content must be in place by March 1. Review your listing on the Website and send us an update.

    Newsletter – The Movers' Edge

    The CAM office needs assistance to obtain content for the monthly newsletter. While it is intended primarily as association news, an industry issue component would be very useful to members. A request for information, leads and appropriate stories will be sent out to the board of directors a week before the publication of the newsletter. Note that you can view this newsletter and all previous ones on the Website.

    Membership Survey

    The CAM office will survey members in early April to determine what they want from the Association, their suggestions for the future of CAM, and what CAM does that they like and dislike.


    CAM worked with the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators (CCMTA) a year ago to update the Hours of Service rules for drivers. The Ministry of Transport advised CAM that the schedule for implementation of the new rules would include provincial hearings in the winter of 2001, a clean-up of the regulations in spring 2001 with CCMTA approval coming in about June 2001 and new regulations following in 2002.


      CAM's old address was used in some correspondence recently. Please note our address as shown below:

      Canadian Association of Movers
      590 Alden Road, Suite 211
      Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 8N2
      Tel: 905.513.1728, Fax: 905.513.1248