Movers' Edge, January, 2003



As discussed in the forum at the 2002 Annual Conference, CAM plans to provide members with increased tangible value over the course of their membership. Members will receive measurable benefits in the form of discounts, promotional products and operating advantages. You have had the opportunity to see the discounts available from IBM on the purchase of computers from its website. CAM has added three new value programs. Do the math and see the value in your membership.

Victory Packaging

For the first quarter of 2003, any CAM member who places an order with Victory Packaging at its Syracuse, Toronto, Calgary or Winnipeg facility can receive FREE 2 CUBE CARTONS by mentioning this offer.

With today’s tax-included cost for a 2 Cube, on a $4,500 order, you would save an amount almost equal to your 2003 CAM dues! In addition, if you identify yourself as a first-time or new member of CAM in 2003, you will receive a free case of tape with any order over $500! Victory will verify your membership status and expedite your order and free products!

Watch Movers’ Edge for further value offers from Victory Packaging.

Ryder Truck Rentals

CAM is concluding a preferred-customer program with Ryder Truck Rentals. Through this program, CAM members will receive a preferred rental rate on the vehicles they rent from Ryder. Members can join the program by registering for an account with their local Ryder agency. We will advise you as soon as the program is finalized.

Wilfrid Laurier University

CAM has made an arrangement with the Laurier Institute of Wilfrid Laurier University’s School of Business & Economics that will give members 10% off the tuition for the institute’s executive- and management-development certificate programs. Visit for more information. Isn’t it time to upgrade your general management skills?

On orders of Receive
$1,500 100 Free 2 Cubes
$3,000 200 Free 2 Cubes
$4,500 250 Free 2 Cubes
One order per member


    CAM is working with various stakeholders, both inside and outside the industry, on several value programs. These include an initiative to reduce insurance costs and discussions on eliminating the application of Ontario’s Retail Sales Tax to the declared valuation protection fees on moves. CAM will investigate Ontario’s Workplace Safety & Insurance Board’s Safety Groups Programs to reduce workers’ compensation costs for Ontario movers and whether this program can be rolled out to other provinces.


      Industry Canada has brought together a committee of consumer organizations, industry representatives and governments to develop a program to help the consumer identify and contact reputable movers. The program will include standards for disclosure to the consumer, tips to help the consumer ensure a worry-free move, and a dispute-resolution system to ensure a fair closure to the move should problems arise. Movers subscribing to the process will be designated as certified. Generally, the criteria under consideration for certifying a mover are similar to the new CAM membership criteria, which includes submission of the following:

      • Business licence
      • GST registration and number
      • Workers’ compensation certificate
      • Insurance certificate showing a minimum of $1 million liability and a cargo limit minimum of $250,000
      • Incorporation certificate
      • Signed Code of Ethics form
      • Agreement to abide by the dispute resolution process
      • Yellow Pages ad or promotional items (optional)


      CAM has doubled the number of copies it will print for the Spring 2003 issue of The Canadian Mover. The additional copies will be distributed outside the moving industry in areas where members will find the additional contacts useful.