Movers' Edge, January, 2005

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In this, my first greeting to you as Chairman of the Canadian Association of Movers, I extend my best wishes to you, your fellow movers and your families for a safe and happy holiday season and a prosperous new year.

CAM has set an ambitious course for itself over the next year. It is designed to help members reduce costs and improve revenue, improve the image of the moving industry and assist consumers to find professional movers.

Your participation is vital to our mutual success. I challenge every member to recruit a fellow mover as a CAM member. Our strength comes from our members’ participation. You benefit by helping to increase membership.

In 2005, CAM’s major goals are:

  • To increase our membership in all markets across Canada
  • To provide consumers with a reliable method of finding a professional mover
  • To represent members to consumer agencies and government

CAM now has a presence in Sun Media’s weekly consumer magazine – 24 hours Find-a-Rental. Each week, the magazine publishes a page of editorial from CAM and an ad from CAM. The magazine focuses on people who live in rental accommodation and are planning to move. The editorial is intended to advise them how to find a good mover. The ad directs consumers to CAM for referrals to reputable movers.

The magazine is currently published in the Toronto market and will be extended in the next few months to major urban markets across the country.

Response has been positive and CAM is now getting requests for referrals from the readership.

Over the last months, you’ve heard a lot from CAM about the Certified Canadian Mover Program. It has been a very successful program for all participants. We now have over 100 members in the program.

Don’t miss out. The program has one major value – it helps to sell moves.

We have had a good response from members for our Visa/MasterCard program. The program is a full-feature credit-card program provided by one of Canada’s leading credit-card service companies.

The discount rate for CAM members is 2%. Check out what you are currently getting and apply now. You could save thousands.

Membership numbers remain CAM’s foremost challenge. The value of your membership is enhanced by the number of movers who are members. Increased numbers allow CAM to improve existing programs, lobby more effectively and represent and refer movers to the consumer. Help your association, help yourself: recruit a fellow mover as a CAM member.

The cost of membership for your branches is minimal. Certification of branch offices is almost automatic with much of the required documentation being the same as for your head office.

CAM’s requirement for $250,000 of cargo insurance was an obstacle for some members who wanted to join the Certified Canadian Mover Program. Dale & Morrow, Ogilvy & Ogilvy and Chris Steer, CAM’s insurance providers, now offer the additional required insurance at minimal cost. Contact them. Get your coverage. Get certified. Get more moves.

The CAM office will be closed from noon on December 24 to 9:00 am on January 3, 2005.