Movers' Edge, January/February, 2002


The Canadian Association of Movers' compensation survey will be implemented shortly. Pete Pedersen has been chosen as the contractor who will gather the data and analyze it on behalf of CAM. The survey will provide movers in all areas of the country with information about the salary, expense and compensation conditions prevalent in their areas of operation and across the country. Information will be available for all levels of employees within the industry, from packers to presidents.

The Compensation Committee wants to assure movers that the data they provide for the survey will be held in absolute confidentiality. The committee awarded the contract to Mr. Pete Pedersen, of N.K. Pedersen & Associates, because he has worked for many years with Canada's four major van lines to consolidate their monthly statistics and has maintained confidentiality of source and data over that time.


The Government of Ontario has linked its Website to ours. It has chosen our Tips for Consumers and the directory of members as two sources of important information for consumers. Have a look at the site: go to and follow the links: English to Online Services to Services to Individuals to Life Events to Moving. This service is also available in French. We will investigate access to similar services in other provinces.


CFIA's Plant Products Directorate recently issued a directive titled Import requirements of non-propagative wood and other regulated wood products; except solid wood packaging material, from all areas other than the continental United States. This directive describes the phytosanitary import requirements for logs, wood with bark attached, lumber, wood chips, bark chips, bamboo products, decorative wood items and cones without seed from areas of the world other than the continental U.S. The import requirements for wood dunnage, pallets, crating or other wood packaging material from areas of the world other than the continental U.S., China and Hong Kong are outlined in D-98-08. The import requirements for wood dunnage, pallets, crating or other wood packaging materials originating in China and Hong Kong Special Administrative Regions are outlined in D-98-10.

The complete text of the directive (in both English and French) can be seen on CAM's Website, at


On January 4, CAM received an e-mail from Joe Harrison, President of the American Moving and Storage Association. It was an update to the membership of AMSA on a series of items that should interest Canadian movers as well. Full text of the e-mail message is posted in a pdf file. Highlights include:

  • Tariff 400-N became effective January 1, 2002 and cancels Tariff 400-M.
  • All tariff participants were provided with Tariff Supplements containing a 2% insurance surcharge scheduled to take effect on January 15, 2002.
  • The U.S. Government's General Services Administration (GSA) has agreed to implement the 2% insurance surcharge on a temporary basis until April 30, 2002.


After accepting his Distinguished Service Award at the CAM Conference, Tim Moore asked CAM to extend his thanks to Doug Auld and Atlas Van Lines for bringing AMJ Campbell Van Lines into the Atlas Van Lines organization in 1984 and for the partnership and friendship that has developed both personally and between the two companies over the years.


As CAM members and former members are probably aware, CAM has been conducting a membership campaign since the Annual Conference in November. The results have been encouraging, but we still have a way to go. So far, 135 members have signed up for 2002:

  • Canadian movers: 108
  • Overseas movers: 11
  • Suppliers: 13
  • Canadian van lines: 3


CAM's Canadian Professional Mover's Course has been corrected and the assignments have been returned to the Website. The differences between the course material and the questions have been fixed. Candidates may now continue their courses.

It's time to renew your membership.