Movers' Edge, June/July, 2002


CAM has reached a new milestone! We have achieved a high-water mark of 200 members. This is an increase of 30 to 40 members over previous years. The following are new members who have joined or rejoined CAM since the publication of the Spring/Summer 2002 issue of The Canadian Mover. Their complete information can be found on our website in the online directory.

Canadian Movers
AMJ Campbell Van Lines, Oakville, ON
AMJ Campbell Van Lines (Vancouver), Delta (Vancouver), BC
Derak Moving, Saskatoon, SK
Ferguson Moving & Storage Ltd., North Vancouver, BC
KMS Van Lines Inc., Mississauga, ON
Wayne’s Moving, Storage & Delivery, Simcoe, ON
Wescon Movers Group, Markham, ON

International Movers
CSS Homeward Bound, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Simpsons International Removals, Northfleet, Kent, United Kingdom

AE Nationwide Service, Mahwah, NJ, USA

We welcome our new members to CAM.


CAM’s compensation survey was completed at the end of June. There were 46 useable responses. Given the number of geographic areas in Canada, this response level left some areas under-represented and, therefore, excluded from the analysis. The committee is reviewing the results and will shortly determine their distribution date and pricing. CAM’s compensation committee wishes to thank all those who participated in the survey.


Jim Larsen (a highly rated speaker at CAM’s 2001 Annual Conference) will hold CEO Profitmover Seminars in various participants’ locations across Canada. The first session, hosted by Larry Rosenberg, is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, September 27 and 28, in Vancouver. The objectives of the seminars are to:

  • Share and exchange best practices
  • Exchange financial and benchmarking information
  • Discuss topics of mutual interest and concern
  • Encourage constructive interaction with fellow CAM members
  • Share camaraderie and fellowship

For further information on this high-level seminar, contact the CAM office by email (, phone or fax.


In order to enhance the value of CAM’s membership listings both on our website and in our membership directory, we plan to list your memberships in moving associations around the world. Please advise us of your memberships (e.g., FIDI, COMA, HHGFAA, AMSA). Be sure to identify your company on the form, through the inclusion of your company name and the city in which you are located.


Annual Golf Tournament

CAM’s Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for September 17, 2002, at the Cardinal Golf Club.

2002 Annual Conference

The 2002 Annual Conference, "We’re Better Together," is scheduled for November 25 and 26, 2002, at the Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel.