Movers' Edge, March, 2003


The CAM office will be closed for the week of March 10 to 14, 2003. It will reopen on Monday morning, March 17.


There seems to be a media push related to the moving industry. Early in February, CBC’s Marketplace did a show on the less-than-awesome performance of Awesome Moving of Calgary. Subsequently, CAM has received several requests for interviews from both CBC Radio and CTV. Links related to CBC’s Marketplace program: and^0@.ee8a9dc.773a3541


The Canadian Mover, CAM’s directory and magazine, has gone to press. It will be distributed in mid-April. This issue of the directory will be distributed beyond the membership and the moving industry. Before publication of the Fall/Winter issue, we will assess the value of this increase in circulation to determine whether or not it expanded public awareness of the advantages of hiring a CAM member.


Good news! CAM’s compensation survey is ready to go: compensation survey. It differs from last year’s survey in several ways:

  • We have eliminated queries about specific corporate details, so that data can be gathered and analyzed by CAM staff. The survey now deals strictly with people whom you employ.
  • The survey is simpler in format, but we are asking for more detail.
  • It is designed to be completed on the web by your payroll staff.
  • Pricing for results is $30 for members who participate, $60 for non-member participants and an additional $30 for all non-participants.

As in last year’s survey, confidentiality is of utmost importance. No CAM member will see the data belonging to another mover. With your participation, we hope to be able to provide information for all regions in Canada well in advance of your hiring staff for the busy summer moving season.


More good news! We have reached an agreement with Ryder Truck Rental Canada Ltd. to begin a value program for CAM members for truck rentals. It should result in significant savings for your business. It’s a simple program:

  • Ryder will provide CAM members with Tier 2 pricing – 15% off Ryder’s standard rate for vehicle rentals.
  • CAM members must identify themselves to Ryder as members (take your 2003 membership certificate) and establish credit with Ryder.


The committee has requested recommendations from several of CAM’s insurance-industry members for changes to the manner in which movers source their insurance coverage. We should see some results from this effort in the next few weeks and will communicate our progress in the April newsletter.


The Retail Sales Tax committee is currently gathering data on the differences and commonalities of assessments made against several Ontario movers. Before choosing a course of appeal against the tax rulings, the committee will determine exactly how the tax rules were applied, if the rules were applied consistently, and what avenues of appeal were successful.


CAM is initiating a press-release section on its website. We invite your postings regarding the hiring of new employees, development of new products and services, and any other news that’s suitable. It is a free service to members.

The first item for the new press-release section is North American Van Lines’ announcement related to its new Mobile Training Unit.


AMSA will hold its 2003 Annual Convention and Trade Show in La Quinta, California, from April 5 to 8. The theme is Finding Opportunities in Challenges.

FIDI’s 52nd Conference, "Finding Solutions for our Customers," will be held in Stockholm, Sweden, from May 11 to 15, 2003.