Movers' Edge, March, 2007


CAM has been getting your message out in press releases to the national media (daily and community newspapers, TV and radio stations). We sent out the following two press releases in February. They are posted to our website.

We have been contacted by several radio stations for short interviews and have seen our 10 Tips published in a local newspaper. Students are beginning to send us résumés, which we’ll share with members near to the students’ homes.


In February, we posted the Conditions of Carriage for Quebec to the website in two versions: general transport and moving-specific. Conditions of Carriage for all provinces (except NL and PE, which don’t have them) are on the website.


A New Website

On May 1, 2007, we will be moving the course to a new website at Dalhousie University. All users of the course will be notified of their new usernames and passwords.

The Course in French

We have had a couple of requests to offer the CPM course in French. This will be a major investment for the association. It will be done only if we can get sufficient commitment from members to subscribe to the course.

New Graduates

  • Guiseppe Crupi, Bradford Moving & Storage, Holland Landing, Ontario
  • Sherry Kartye, Salmon’s Transfer Ltd., Richmond, B.C.


CAM welcomes our new members who have joined CAM since the beginning of the year:

  • International
    International Moving Services, Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom
    Move Well, Jakarta, Indonesia
    Transmove, Dartford, Kent, United Kingdom
  • Mover
    By Design Commercial Moving Solutions Inc., Mississauga, Ontario
  • Supplier
    The Mattei Companies (a Division of The Economical Insurance Group), Sacramento, CA, USA


CAM has helped to sell its first trailer. Based on last month’s newsletter, CAM assisted a western Canadian member to sell a 53-foot Kentucky trailer to a member in the Toronto area. Should you wish to advertise your needs or availabilities, please contact CAM’s national office.


The offer is still open (and will remain so) for international members to publish their rate cards on CAM’s website. Should you wish to do so, please send us your rate card and we’ll post it to the “members only” area of the website.


We need your help! (And you need ours!) Most Internet search engines rank websites by the number of links to them. Place a link on your website to CAM ( If you wish, you can download a logo to go with it from the site. We will place a listing of members’ links on our site. This can only increase traffic to our websites and increase consumer awareness.


In February, CAM’s national office made 111 referrals to members, responded to 97 enquiries and handled 10 complaints. We had 11,865 visits to our website by 4,010 visitors. The numbers are up by 25% to 30% over last year.


CAM has been approached by a company that will publish an upscale Canadian Moving Organizer in major metropolitan areas of Canada. While CAM will not participate, members may wish to do so. Please contact the CAM office for details.