Movers' Edge, May, 2002


CAM membership is approaching 200. This is an increase of 30 to 40 members over previous years.


In early April, we sent the Canadian Association of Movers’ National Compensation Survey to you and other movers throughout Canada.

You’ve had an opportunity to review it and to consider how valuable the results of this survey will be to you and your fellow movers.

A copy can be obtained by calling CAM’s office, at 905.513.1728.

This survey will provide Canadian movers with a region-by-region and national analysis of pay rates, commissions, benefits and compensation practices. It will help you in determining the rates to be paid during your upcoming busy summer season.

But we need your response!

Please complete the survey and return it to N.K. Pedersen & Associates by May 15.


CAM’s website, at, has been used by several movers to recruit employees and to sell off surplus equipment. Currently, in the Mover-to-Mover Announcements, Ken Taylor of Fidelity in Hamilton is advertising used household pallets for sale.


In response to a member’s request that CAM investigate what appeared to be unfair bidding practices by a mover for a government moving contract, David Long visited the Consumer and Commercial Products Directorate of Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC).

The federal government is taking a results-oriented approach to the bidding process. CAM is concerned that, in the process, certain bidders for government projects are not conforming to the law, particularly to labour laws and regulations.

CAM has recommended to PWGSC that they include on their bid evaluation sheets as part of the bidders’ responsibilities that suppliers be members of the Canadian Association of Movers.


For the last few years, CAM members have discussed the pros and cons of having a CEO seminar that would meet several times a year to discuss areas of mutual interest and concern.

This has been implemented through Jim Larsen, who spoke at our Annual Conference last November on how to be a ProfitMover.

Those movers who are interested in participating should contact the CAM office immediately for information. The seminar will be set up to ensure that movers who compete in the same marketplace will not be in the same seminar.


Annual Golf Tournament

CAM’s Annual Golf Tournament is scheduled for September 17, 2002, at the Cardinal Golf Club.

2002 Annual Conference

The Annual Conference is scheduled for November 25 and 26, 2002. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for appropriate speakers or programs.