Movers' Edge, May, 2003


Over the past 18 months, our industry has experienced significant increases in fuel and insurance costs. To help alleviate these escalating costs, the national van lines and other transportation companies have implemented insurance and fuel surcharges. A growing number of local movers appear to be picking up on this trend, implementing varying fuel and insurance surcharges in their local areas.


It’s a long time between issues of The Canadian Mover, CAM’s magazine and membership directory. Until now, we were without a suitable way of publishing articles of interest to members that became available between issues.

We will now solicit articles for publication solely on our website and let you know about them in this newsletter. Members are requested to submit articles they feel would interest fellow members and the moving community as a whole. We will consider all articles for use, whether they are written by our members or previously published in other publications or on other websites.


CAM is implementing a “New Products” section on its website. It will highlight new products and services from CAM’s supplier members and will be open for viewing by members and the moving community as a whole.Postings will be made directly by suppliers to the website.


CAM’s compensation survey is complete.

Survey information for the following areas is available from the CAM office:
BC – Alberta /Saskatchewan – Southwestern Ontario – Toronto area – Eastern Ontario – Ontario – Quebec – Maritimes. The price for regional results is $30 for CAM members and $60 for non-members, plus GST. The difference will be credited to any non-members joining CAM before June 30.

We had good participation and the quality of responses was high. We found that most participants rated the survey as “easy” or “OK” in terms of its ease of use and understandability.

This was the first compensation survey performed directly by CAM. It was a learning experience. In it you can see the midpoint and range of what is being paid for a specific position, what types of benefits are being offered to employees at all levels, and how movers classify their employees by position.

A few things that you should be aware of when reviewing the results:

  • We used the data that you sent to us.
  • The survey shows medians as opposed to averages. When there is a very low or high value in the data (such as occurs when the owner of the business is in the position, or family is employed), the median gives the middle of the data and is not skewed by these values.
  • Where we have received “yes” or “no” responses, the responses are shown as 6Y – 3N for 6 “yes” responses and 3 “no.”
  • Seasonal workers account for some of the lowest salaries and commissions for the highest. In small companies, one individual often performs many jobs.
  • There appear to be inconsistencies in some places between the high salary and the total compensation fields. In many cases, nothing was filled in for the total compensation field. This field shows the minimum, median and maximum for reported results.
  • In regional results, you may recognize a few of your own data points. Names of respondents and their data will remain confidential.


CAM’s annual golf tournament – September 16, 2003 – Cardinal Golf Club

CAM’s annual conference – November 24 and 25, 2003 – Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel.