Movers' Edge, November, 2001


Toronto, November 19–20, 2001

CAM has added a few new features to its Annual Conference in 2001.


As mentioned in a previous issue of the Movers' Edge, the Canadian Association of Movers will be honouring two icons of the moving industry with two new awards: Chuck Martin of United Van Lines (Canada) Ltd. will be awarded the Founders Award and Tim Moore of AMJ Campbell Van Lines will be awarded the Distinguished Service Award. They will be the first recipients of these new awards. They were selected for these awards by unanimous resolutions of CAM's Board of Directors. The awards will be presented at an Awards Dinner*, which will be held on Monday evening, November 19, in conjunction with CAM's Annual Conference. The criteria for these two awards are as follows:

The Distinguished Service Award recognizes prominent members of the profession who:

  • exemplify the standards that CAM promotes for quality of operations in its mission statement
  • serve as a positive role model for others in the industry
  • have demonstrated leadership, commitment and integrity
  • have made significant contributions to the Canadian moving industry that might include: initiatives to advance transportation and shipping knowledge and know-how, promotion of a strong and supportive regulatory environment in Canada, creation of new national initiatives in support of players in the industry

The Founders Award honours a pioneering member of the moving industry who:

  • is at the pinnacle of his or her career for a lifetime of outstanding contribution to and impact on the moving profession
  • has demonstrated innovation and leadership, not only paving the way for many co-workers, but also continuing to serve them as an inspiration
  • has given many years of service to the industry, raising its profile and performance, and promoting quality and integrity by example
  • has served as a mentor to others in the profession

The nominees (for both categories) should have been at some time a member of CAM who has distinguished him or herself by any one or more of the following:

  • active participation for many years in an industry-related business
  • provision of outstanding service to the moving industry
  • demonstrated integrity

* The Awards Dinner is open to all members of the moving industry. It is included in members' conference registration fee and available at $100 per person for those not attending the conference.


Chris Steer, of Chris Steer Insurance Brokers, has been a familiar face to Canadian movers for almost forty years. He will address movers' concerns about the current trend in the insurance industry to increase premiums and to cut back on coverages. He will provide useful advice on how you can minimize the impact of this trend on your own bottom line.

All four Van-Line presidents will present their individual views of the industry and upcoming trends for 2002.

Jim Larsen, the well-known consultant to the moving industry, will present a half-day seminar called BE A PROFITMOVER, which was developed to help small moving businesses enhance their profitability. If improving your bottom line is important to you, then you must attend this workshop.


The trade show has been expanded with increased opportunity for CAM members to view the latest products and services offered by our exhibitors. Exhibitors have a higher profile and an increased opportunity to communicate their message to CAM members. It will definitely be a win-win trade show.

Ten exhibitors from Canada and the USA have signed up for the event, with several others expressing serious interest.