Canadian Association of Movers
L'Association canadienne des déménageurs

President’s Message

John Levi, President


The Canadian Association of Movers was re-established in July 1996 as an association dedicated to bringing together movers from across Canada and from all affiliations.

Its original mission – “to further the interests of the owner-managed moving and storage companies … and to help the buying public access credible, professional moving services” – remains as valid now as it was then.

CAM is moving ahead and maturing as an association. In its new environment – with rising material and service costs, increasing publicity and consumer awareness of the bad practices of some fly-by-night movers, and government offering to assist the industry in developing standards for consumer relations – CAM finds itself with a completely new set of challenges.

To meet these challenges, CAM must now bring together all the stakeholders in the industry in committees dedicated to specific tasks: mover certification, escalating insurance costs, purchasing programs, retail sales tax, and workers’ compensation.

CAM members have been the good guys: focused on meeting the needs of consumers with quality services. Those needs, and how our members’ standards of performance meet them, must now be communicated beyond the moving industry.

Increased activity within CAM requires increased participation from members in the form of volunteerism – serving on committees, recruiting new members, and interacting with local interest groups and governments.

I look forward to working with CAM’s members and invite you to make the best use of the resources of CAM’s national office.

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Posted March 26, 2003