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Membership Form

Please complete this process in two steps:
1. Complete and submit this online page.
2. If a payment is required, print and fax the payment form (pdf).

If you do not receive confirmation within 2 business days of submitting this form,
please call CAM at 1.866.860.0065.

This form can be printed and then mailed or faxed with your payment information to:

Canadian Association of Movers
PO Box 30039, RPO New Westminster, Thornhill, Ontario, Canada L4J 0C6
Tel: 905.848.6579, Toll free: 1.866.860.0065, Toll-free fax: 1-866-601-8499

Please update my company record.
Please register our firm as a CAM member.
Please send me CAM membership information.

For Canadian Movers – Membership Document Requirements

Applicants for membership must provide CAM with the following documentation (photocopies only):

  • Business licence
  • Photos of premises and vehicles
  • GST/HST registration and number
  • Workers’ compensation certificate
  • Insurance certificate showing a minimum of $1 million liability and a cargo limit minimum of $250,000
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Two trade references with length of relationship (e.g., bank, moving equipment supplier, etc.)
  • Yellow Pages ad or promotional items (optional)
  • Signed Code of Ethics form (pdf)

All membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

Visa, MasterCard or cheque using the payment form (pdf)

Note: all credit-card payments will be posted in Canadian dollars and converted, when necessary, by the bank at the current rate of exchange.

Membership Categories and Fees
Canadian Mover: $450 plus applicable tax
Branch: $165 plus applicable tax
International: $550 plus applicable tax
Supplier: $550 plus applicable tax
Payment by Credit Card (for use if this form is faxed or mailed)
Name of cardholder as it appears on card  
Card number  
Expiry month  
Expiry year  
Contact Information
Full Company Name
(as it will appear in the directory)
Corporate name
Postal Code
(e.g., 416-555-1212)
(e.g., 416-555-1212)
Toll-free Telephone
(e.g., 800-555-1212)
Toll-free Fax
(e.g., 800-555-1212)
Cellular (not published)
(e.g., 416-555-1212)
Email (required field)
Contact Name
Contact Title
Van Line Affiliation Allied Van Lines
Atlas Van Lines
Great Canadian Van Lines
Mayflower Canada
North American Van Lines
United Van Lines
Years in Business

Main Warehouse Description:
(e.g., construction material, air conditioning, alarm protection,
DND certification, heated palletized, dock-level loading, etc.)

Services Offered:
(e.g., local, long distance, overseas, HHG moving and storage, packing and crating, etc.)

Geographic Service Area:
(e.g., Calgary and Southern Alberta, Montreal Urban Community, Greater Toronto Area)

Memberships in Other Moving Associations:

CAM primarily communicates electronically with its members. When you click “submit”,
you are confirming that you would like to receive email communications from the Association.