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CAM/ACD, Certified Canadian Mover and
Canadian Professional Mover Logos

Part of the value of CAM membership is the consumer’s recognition of the CAM, ACD, Supplier, Certified Overseas Mover, Certified Canadian Mover and Canadian Professional Mover logos, as signs of a reputable mover.

The CAM/ACD logos are registered trademarks belonging to CAM. A person or company that infringes on CAM’s trademark rights by the unauthorized use of the CAM or ACD logo will be held accountable through legal action.

These logos (in all formats) are only available to members for their web and print advertising. Members should contact CAM’s national office to request these logos.

Companies whose membership has expired are required to remove all CAM logos from their website, stationery, marketing and sales tools, etc., within 30 days of membership expiry.

Companies that are not members may be advising consumers that they are CAM members and may be using the association’s logos in their advertising, such as in Yellow Pages, SuperPages, Internet and business stationery. Members are asked to advise CAM whenever they see improper use of the logos.