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Membership Fees

The membership term is the calendar year. Membership fees (in Canadian dollars) are as follows:

  • Movers in Canada: $450 plus tax
  • Branches of above: $165 plus tax
  • Suppliers and international movers: $550 (in Canada, add tax)
    Printable CAM Payment Form (pdf)

Joining CAM

    Movers may be required to submit various documents to complete the membership-approval process.

    We recommend that you review the listings of other members in our online directory for information needed to provide you with the best listing possible.

    Online Membership Form

    For further information or to apply for membership, contact:

    Canadian Association of Movers
    PO Box 26004, RPO Churchill
    Mississauga, Ontario, Canada L5L 5W7
    Tel: 905.848.6579
    Toll free: 1.866.860.0065
    Fax toll free: 1.866.601.8499
    Email: membership@mover.net