Mover Membership Benefits

Mover Membership  Benefits
Mover Membership Benefits

About Us

Originally formed in 1969, the Canadian Association of Movers is Canada’s only trade association representing moving and storage companies. Along with movers and relocation companies both here and internationally, our members also include companies that supply vital programs and services to and within the household goods moving industry.

Our programs and services are designed to enhance the profitability of our members' businesses.

We are a proud and active member of the National Council of Moving Associations – an international association that works together to provide best practices, assistance, and advice that reflects today’s challenges and disruptions in the moving industry.

Why become a Member?

CAM is the only trade association that represents the interests of the household goods moving industry in Canada. We have members across Canada and around the world – domestic and international movers, van lines, suppliers and affiliates to the industry, as well as national and international moving associations.

Our Mission is to further the interests of owner-managed moving and storage companies by providing for its members leadership, motivation, research, education, programs of mutual benefit, consultation, and technical advice. We endeavour to enhance your profitability by promoting you in the marketplace. We provide opportunities to interact with your industry and supply valuable information to give you a competitive edge.

What does CAM do for you?

Provide Social Media Presence

CAM can assist you with social media content.  Increasingly, since CAM introduced an integrated social media strategy in November 2017, consumers have become more aware that CAM is the #1 source for finding trusted and reliable movers. 

We Validate You to Consumers

  • Refer consumers who call CAM to your company (CAM makes about 2,000 referrals to members each year)
  • Provide an online consumer self-managed move referral service for consumers.  Our website averages 10,000 visits per month.
  • Provide trademarks – logos and truck decals – that identify you as a reputable and professional member of a highly-regarded trade association
  • Certify your services as a mover under CAM’s Certified Canadian Mover Program or Certified Overseas Mover
  • Print consumer pamphlets in English and French – Choosing a Mover – Who Can You Trust? – that helps differentiate you as a professional mover

We Provide Education and Training

  • Educate your sales professionals through CAM’s free online Canadian Professional Mover (CPM) course
  • Certify CPM course graduates and provide them with CAM’s CPM certification logo. 
  • Provide access to an overseas training manual for administrative staff
  • Offer free video training for your new helper employees (basic training, packing and unpacking modules)
  • Produce biweekly newsletters (Mover’s Edge) with timely and relevant information on moving trends and practices
  • Offer first rate speakers and topics at our annual conference

We Connect You with Industry Suppliers

  • Promote “CAM pricing” for members
  • Attract new partners to further benefit our members
  • Offer a yearly trade show where members can meet face-to-face with CAM suppliers and find out first-hand about new products and services

Join CAM Today!

Our goal is to endorse reputable, professional moving companies and rid the industry of the increasing number of rogues – the criminal element posing as movers – who harm our industry’s image and cheat consumers.

We work hard every day to find new ways to provide value and make your CAM membership count!

Let CAM tell your customer you are a responsible and trusted mover by joining your trade association today.  You can easily apply using our on-line application form.