International Resources

International Resources
International Resources

Movers and consumers often need the services of an international mover to enable a move between Canada and a location outside of North America.

CAM’s Certified Overseas Movers (where logos appear) can help with your international move. You can browse our list of recommended international movers or search for one in CAM’s member directory.

CAM Overseas

CAM also offers a resource library on international moving – such as links to various international associations, customs requirements, etc.

If you are moving to an overseas country, we highly recommend that you refer to IAM's Country Guides. IAM’s Country Guides provide customs information for more than 170 countries and territories around the world. Detailing the documents needed for duty-free import and the specific policies of a country/territory, these comprehensive guides help ensure that customs processes go as smoothly as possible for both the mover and the moving customer. 

International Shipping Delays

Attention consumers! Due to the current crisis in the global shipping industry, forwarders are experiencing significant delays and container shortages. While your forwarder will try to obtain a confirmed container reservation, oftentimes containers are unavailable and reserved vessels are delayed or do not sail at all. Furthermore, many ports are currently congested and short-staffed due to COVID-19 protocols and associated operational constraints. These situations cause unexpected and unavoidable delays and expenses. Unfortunately, charges resulting from such delays or additional fees inflicted by the ocean carriers, with little or no notice and through no fault of your forwarder, may be added to your invoice.  If your shipment is crossing the ocean, watch this video.

Competition is high and box rates are soaring! CAM is hearing that the upcharge on containers is now about $7,000 … compared to the pre-pandemic cost of about $2,000. There is speculation that shippers could be looking at rates up to $20,000 before the end of 2021. Vessels originating in Asia are dropping containers in the US and are returning to Asia empty – because they make more money getting back quicker for the next load that they do waiting for the ship to be loaded. With the severe shortage of containers and capacity and waiting time increasing to 10-20 days, there seems to be no limit as to what companies will be paying to secure a box. Here are articles about this situation as it evolved last year.


International Movers’ Resource Library

CAM members are invited to use and contribute to its new international movers resource library.


Overseas Training Manual for Administrative Staff (pdf, members only)


International Moving Associations

International Customs

Canadian National

Find out if you need a visa to enter Canada as a visitor.


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