Why Hire A Professional Mover?

Why Hire A Professional Mover?
Why Hire A Professional Mover?

Why Hire a Mover?

When you’re moving your family to a new residence, it can be both exciting and potentially stressful. There’s a lot to consider when you are moving, especially your possessions. They’re important to you and your family as they have priceless sentimental value that goes far beyond the original sticker price you paid for them.  Why would you risk that?

Millions of Canadians have a safe, successful move each year with a certified professional mover.  Here's why you should hire one:

  • Do-it-yourself costs add up quickly: truck and equipment rental (pads/dollies), boxes/tape/packing materials - basic supplies and extra supplies due to inefficient packing, fuel, your time and trouble, snacks for helpers
  • You avoid unexpected problems: damage from lack of packing skills, personal injury, truck or van accidents
  • Your possessions are handled with quality and care: professional packing and handling using experienced workers, the latest technology and advancements in packing materials

Carefully Consider Who's Moving You

Choosing the right mover can avoid serious emotional stress and inflated financial costs to you and your family.  Don’t trust your family’s treasured belongings to some part-time guys with a weekend rental van or someone you've never met off the internet.  Hiring a professional mover is a smart decision that saves you time and effort while providing the best protection for your household goods or business assets.  Protect your peace of mind with a trusted, accredited member of the Canadian Association of Movers.

The most important element in moving is finding a mover you can trust – and you can trust the members of the Canadian Association of Movers to treat you fairly and deliver the services you've been promised.

CAM members:

  • have sufficient insurance to cover your goods in their care;
  • workers’ compensation coverage to ensure you’re not liable for injuries to workers that may occur in your home;
  • are in compliance with the GST/HST requirements of the Canada Revenue Agency;
  • are rated highly by consumer agencies;
  • have invested in personnel, equipment, and facilities to serve you professionally; and
  • have established a dispute mechanism for resolving issues between consumers and members.

The Canadian Association of Movers, founded in 1969, is Canada's only trade association representing the professional moving industry.

Our members are movers – they are not telemarketers, scammers, or thieves.  They are certified professional movers who are located in your marketplace – not at a remote computer terminal perhaps outside the country.

Our members include some of Canada's top independent movers as well as major van lines and their agents – brand names you know. And for those you may not know, CAM validates all members for reputation and professionalism.  CAM movers abide by a code of ethics.

We have helped Industry Canada develop guidelines for movers and we consult regularly with the media, the Better Business Bureau, law enforcement, and provincial consumer protection agencies about the moving industry.  CAM strives every day to help consumers make safe choices.

Find a Professional Mover

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The Last Word

Why hire a moving company & how to choose a good one You’ve bought or sold your house and now you’re wondering if you should hire a professional moving company and how to find a good one. This article provides a great overview on the issue.