CAM Awards

The Canadian Association of Movers recognizes industry leaders who have distinguished themselves for their contribution to the industry and the association, and their innovative practices.

CAM’s Award Nominations Forms are now available. Click here to access the forms for 2023.  Consider joining us at our celebratory dinner - click here.


Industry Leadership Award

The Industry Leadership Award honours a member of the moving industry who demonstrates leadership not only paving the way for colleagues, but also continuing to service as an inspiration to them. This outstanding individual may raise the profile and performance of the moving industry and promote quality and integrity by example; establish a healthy, competitive environment in which quality and professionalism are key elements; serve as a mentor to others in the profession, go above and beyond in their quest to make the moving industry thrive; and foster an environment of learning.

This was known as the Founders Award until 2010.

2022 - Jim Carney, Rawlinson Moving & Storage Ltd., Mississauga

2019 – John Delanty, Kenwood Moving & Storage (retired)
2018 – John Bandstra, Bandstra Moving Systems Ltd. (retired)
2017 – William (Bill) Lyon
2016 – Bob (Smitty) Smith
2015 – Kevin St. George
2014 – Carol Davis
2013 – Paul Leader
2012 – John Rausch
2011 – Dennis Doehl
2010 – William O’Donnell
2009 – Armstrong Family: Doug Armstrong Sr., Dale Armstrong, Doug Armstrong
2008 – Vic Switzer
2007 – Paul Kenwood
2006 – Doug Kellough
2005 – Wayne Hekle
2004 – Peter Naylor
2003 – Clifford Hoyt
2002 – Sonny Williams
2001 – Chuck Martin

Influencer Award

The Influencer Award was a new award in 2019 to celebrate a promising young professional under 40 years of age in the moving industry who embodies a commitment to business growth, professional excellence, the future of the industry and the community, who serves as a positive role model for others in the industry; demonstrates commitment and integrity; gives a voice to the future leaders of the industry; seeks to continually learn; embraces industry innovation, and supports the community either through volunteerism or charitable work.

2022 - Nathan Miller, Bekins Moving & Storage - Kelowna Okanagan

2019 – Bradleigh Clark, Bust A Move

Independent Mover of the Year Award

The Independent Mover of the Year Award is presented in recognition of a prominent independent household goods mover who demonstrates outstanding performance – in community service, employee relations, innovative operations – and service excellence with customers.

2022 - Justin Prittie, TWO MEN AND A TRUCKÒ - Kitchener, Cambridge & Waterloo

2019 – TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® - Ottawa
2018 – Firemen Movers Inc.
2017 – Roger Panneton
2016 – MIB Moving Inc.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award honours a prominent member of the profession with a long and exceptional history of contribution to the moving industry.  This outstanding individual may have dedicated many years of service to the moving industry and/or leadership in the Canadian Association of Movers, promoted quality of service and/or operations, served as a positive role model for others in the industry, and demonstrated leadership, professionalism, commitment and integrity.

2022 - Thomas (Tom) S. Finley, AMJ Campbell Vancouver

2019 – no awardee
2018 – Doug Kellough, Salmon's Transfer Ltd.(retired)
2017 – Tracy and Adam Campbell on behalf of Don Campbell
2016 – Jim Calhoun
2015 – Chaim Gilboa, Betty Lyttle-Shields and Wayne Lyttle
2014 – Allan Milton
2013 – Anne Martin
2012 – Randy Hoyt
2011 – Howard Bigham
2010 – Bob Tuckett
2009 – Lorne Stockley
2008 – Doug Auld
2007 – Wayne Marshall
2006 – Henry Van Remortel
2005 – Ted LeLacheur
2004 – Denis Frappier
2003 – John Skinner
2002 – Allen Taylor
2001 – Tim Moore

Public Service Award

The Public Service Award recognizes an individual, group, or organization who has performed a significant act or acts of moving-related service in the public interest. The recipient may have contributed to or brought about changes and/or improvements in any of these areas:  consumer advocacy, safety and security, awareness and learning, environmental or global protection, humanitarian achievements, community well-being or research and development.

The award was inspired in 2010 by the actions of Detective Kevin Hooper of the Toronto Police Service who saved the consumer community from being continually victimized by a rogue mover.

2022 - Matco Moving Solutions, Edmonton

2019 – no awardee
2018 – Financial Crimes Unit, Toronto Police Service
2017 – Premiere Van Lines - Fredericton
2016 – Milton Letkeman, Jay's Transportation Group
2015 – Chuck Resnick, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Canada
2014 – no awardee
2013 – no awardee
2012 – Kevin Devereux, North American Van Lines
2011 – Dale Goldhawk
2010 – Kevin Hooper

Industry Service Award

The Industry Service Award honours an individual or group who has performed a significant act or acts of moving-related service in the public interest. The nominee should be an individual or group who has achieved results that are visible to the public and/or the Canadian moving community.

2022 - Rocco Scocco, Scocco Law Professional Corporation, Collingwood and Christopher Long (Constable), Toronto Police Service

2019 – no awardee
2018 – award was amalgamated with the Public Service Award
2017 – Shirley C. Sveda
2014 – John Levi
2013 – Mike Hansen 

Move for Hunger Award

2022 - Quality Move Management

2021 - Tippet Richardson

Innovator Award

The Innovator Award is presented to an individual, company, or team that achieves real innovations and/or significant breakthroughs in at least one of the following areas of customer service; empowering employees; cutting red tape and/or making significant process improvements; achieving results Canadians care about; technology and/or transition to electronic information management; promoting strong relationships with domestic and/or international partners; demonstrating bottom-line savings or cost avoidance through operational, technological or systems improvements; or introduced innovation and/or creativity to the industry.

2022 - no awardee

2019 - no awardee
2018 - no awardee
2017 - no awardee
2016 – Franco Collard
2015 – Larry Rosenberg
2014 – Don Kachur
2013 – Bryan St. George
2012 – Dale Ittas
2011 – not awarded
2010 – Glenn Thomsen
2009 – Chris Steer
2008 – Michael Rathbone
2007 – Ralph Mueller
2006 – Ray Anderson
2005 – David Young
2004 – William (Bill) Grossman
2003 – Bryan Bennett
2002 – Ross Mackie

Agent of the Year Award

The Agent of the Year Award is presented in recognition of a prominent van line agent who demonstrates outstanding corporate citizenship – in community service, employee relations, innovative operations – and service excellence with customers.

2022 - no awardee

2019 – Cidel Moving & Storage
2018 – Quality Move Management Inc.
2017 – Geldart's Warehouse & Cartage Ltd.
2016 – AMJ Campbell - North Bay

 Chairman's Service Award

The outgoing CAM chairman receives a Chairman's Service Award to recognize their tireless, multi-year volunteer effort while overseeing board and committee operations of the Canadian Association of Movers.

2019 – Cam Carswell