Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits
Membership Benefits

Benefits of your CAM Membership

As a member of the Canadian Association of Movers, you have the following privileges and benefits:

  • Referrals to your company for products and services
  • Validation of services as a CAM member
  • Access to RFPs for companies/government institutions as they require CAM membership for their Mover of Choice
  • Access to CAM’s certified programs, i.e., Certified Canadian Mover Program, Certified Overseas Mover Program
  • Use of CAM trademarks
  • Listing on CAM’s website and in CAM member directories
  • Access to education resources and online training and certification
  • Opportunities to connect with leading movers, suppliers, affiliates and international movers
  • Lists of members in electronic form for advertising and contacts
  • Posting of new product and service announcements on CAM’s website and in CAM’s bi-weekly newsletter, The Mover’s Edge
  • Opportunities to sponsor and showcase products and services, e.g., through annual golf tournament, mini-trade show

And there are even more benefits:

Of all the benefits, CAM members find the most important are:

  • The neutral forum that CAM provides to allow movers to network and discuss matters that are important to owners and managers in the industry.
  • CAM’s conferences, at which movers have an opportunity to hear the latest in management techniques, information technology and concepts in the moving industry.


Please Note

Applicants may be required to submit various documents to complete the membership-approval process. 

  • Applications to CAM are subject to CAM's stringent certification process and should not be considered automatically approved.
  • Due to the nature of our organization, the vetting process for mover members takes at minimum four weeks as there are several tiers of review required.
  • All membership applications are subject to approval by the Board of Directors.


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