Video Recordings

Video Recordings
Video Recordings

Here are some recordings to view of past moving industry-related educational events:

  • Webinar Recording (May 2024) - Navigating the Transition: Insurance Insights for Long-Distance Moving - With moving pros – Peter McCullough, Principal, Raven Research and Christopher Webber, Team Lead – Transportation, NFP Canada.  As your business expands into long-distance moving operations, it's crucial to understand the implications this transition has on your insurance needs. With increased mileage comes increased risk, and protecting your assets and cargo becomes paramount. This webinar explores the risks associated with longer distances: • More miles = more risk … reviewing the 5 mileage breaks. • Asset prices … how more expensive equipment affects your premiums. • Deductibles … as your equipment changes from local assets to LD assets you should understand the different deductibles and how they affect your premiums. • What about cargo insurance? Does it need to change for long distance vs. local?  To access this recording, go to the member’s only section of CAM’s website (scroll to the bottom of the content page to ‘CAM Webinars’).  Run time is 29 minutes..
  • Webinar Recording (May 2024) - US Import & Customs Clearance Expert Panel - Proper preparation, documentation and practical expectation setting can pave the way to a smoother clearance and delivery for your customer. On May 21st, IAM Member customs brokers and forwarders discussed some of the pitfalls to watch for and how to avoid them.  Run time about an hour.
  • Recording (May 2024) - SafetyDriven, Trucking Safety Council of BC, Info Session - SafetyDriven works with BC Moving and Storage companies to help review and develop safety programs, get companies COR-certified and provide safety resources tailored to our industry. If you are in Moving and Storage, these services are at no additional cost! A short info session followed by a Q & A. Run time about 47 minutes.
  • Recording (May 2024) - Talking Sales - As a follow up to his presentation at the CAM2023 conference, long time moving salespeople Larry Kruger (Customized Moving) and Nancy Irvine (President of the Canadian Association of Movers) chat about the state of sales and estimation in today's moving company. Run time 26:27 minutes.
  • Webinar Recording (April 2024) - Is Long Distance Moving Right for My Moving Company? - Peter McCullough, Principal, Raven Research, a 25 year veteran industry man and successful business coach discusses with CAM members how to enter the long distance market strategically including considerations including: • electronic logging devices, • transportation compliance such as running authorities and IFTA, • single trip permits and PRP plates when you run out of province, charging by weight • a change into larger hauling equipment. To access this recording, go to the member’s only section of CAM’s website (scroll to the bottom of the content page to ‘CAM Webinars’).
  • Webinar Recording - Fall in Love with AI – Simplifying AI and ChatGPT for Moving Companies - The International Association of Movers recently held an informative webinar on artificial intelligence in the moving world. In this one-hour webinar, panelists from around the world uncovered the mysteries of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its impact on the moving industry and explored everything from basic AI concepts to practical applications of ChatGPT for moving companies. Thanks, IAM, for allowing us to share the link of the recording with our membership.
  • Webinar Recording - Maximizing Efficiency and Customer Satisfaction: The Role of CRM Systems in Moving Companies - This recorded webinar will provide moving company owners with a comprehensive understanding of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system basics and how using a Moving CRM can enhance customer satisfaction, improve operational efficiency, and empower data-driven decisions. Adarsh Dattani, CEO at Movegistics, and James Hatfield, CRO at LiveSwitch, a CAM member, outline best practices and practical strategies to transform your business.
  • 5-Part Series - Moving America 2024 - 2025 - This is a recording of a 5-part series on what Americans expect from their moving experience. The 5 sessions include: why they move, how they find you, what they're willing to pay more for and services you should offer - sponsored by Supermove.
  • Video podcast - Ins & Out of Commercial Moving - An episode of Humans of Moving features Thomas Anderson, VP Commercial Sales at RCS Moving - sponsored by Supermove.
  • Video podcast - Cracking the Code to Social Media - An episode of Humans of Moving features Michelle Cordero, Head of Social Media at JK Moving - sponsored by Supermove.