Site Visit

Site Visit
Site Visit

CAM Guidelines for a Site Visit/Video Application

One of the requirements in a Canadian Association of Movers (CAM) application is a site visit of your operation by a CAM Director/designate to get a better feel for your operation and to ensure that your moving business meets CAM standards.  The site visit is arranged after you have submitted your application, all of the necessary components have been fulfilled, and local and online reference checks have been completed. 


Video Application

There will be occasions when a physical site visit will not be possible. When that happens, we can try to set up a video chat or you could submit a video recording(s) of the outside and inside of your business. If you wish to submit videos, below are factors, areas and items we would like recorded.

These can be a series of short videos sweeping the various areas of your business, or one video. The idea of this video is to give us a sense of your operation. It does not need to be overly detailed (as the video size would be too large to share). Please identify each area when you start filming. Please feel free to add commentary as you film.  Please note that these do not have to be professionally prepared videos - you can take them on your phone.

  • Street view of the building that shows the number address as well as the surrounding buildings and the yard where moving trucks are parked.
  • Company name/signage on the building or lawn.
  • Video of moving trucks and your main moving crew.
  • Video of the reception and operation areas.
  • Video of the driver’s room or kitchen, if applicable.
  • Is there a storage area? If so, please video the access to the warehouse, a sample storage lot and the warehouse including any other doors or overhead doors.
  • Please video your moving pads and any packing materials you have in your warehouse.

Documents to submit:

  • Sample of estimate
  • Sample of Bill of Lading

Other (please submit any other recording or information you feel is relative to your application).