Consumer Alerts

Consumer Alerts
Consumer Alerts

WE ARE THE ONE! The Canadian Association of Movers is the only official national trade association representing moving and storage companies in Canada. We urge you to #KnowYourMover and do your research before hiring a moving company. 

The moving industry in Canada has been unregulated since the mid-1980s and scam artists, disguised as legitimate moving companies, are taking advantage of people, especially students, new Canadians and seniors. It is believed that fewer than 10% of victims report fraud to the BBB, Consumer Protection or law enforcement.

If you are a consumer considering a move, do careful and extensive research to ensure you are dealing with a legitimate mover. After all, you are allowing someone you don’t know to drive away with almost everything you own. While the vast majority of movers care about reputation and customer service, not all do. Check out movers in advance with the BBB and find out if they are a member of the Canadian Association of Movers. If they aren’t on CAM’s member list, send an email to admin[at] or call CAM at 1-866-860-0065 to find out if CAM has any complaints against them.


July 5, 2023 - ALERT: Port Workers Strike in BC Continues - Expect Delays

The port workers strike in BC may affect incoming and outgoing international shipments, impacting both international consumer moves and shipments of moving supplies. Consumers moving internationally can expect delays in shipping their household effects and potential unforeseen expenses as containers get backed up in port. CAM recommends that you book your mover early, keep an open dialogue with your mover throughout your relocation, and get any anticipated changes to your costs in writing. 


July 5, 2023 - ALERT: It's Summer, It's Hot - Be Considerate of Your Movers

It's summer and it's hot and sticky. We're all human. Please be considerate and kind to your movers. They will require extra breaks for water and rest to be able to complete your move safely.